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  1. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    Soo long storry short,im playing a Pokemon Fan game and in order to do or catch sertain mons i needed to change the date to get the apropriate weather in the world.Did that a few times back and forth and today when i started the rpg maker it said i changed the date in order to trick the free...

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I was planning to release a useless plugin for april fools, but then I thought I let it be.
Tfw every dev around me is using Live2D in their MV games and make me question my skills repeatedly.

Spending the day reworking my maps, especially the first "biome". This time it's not even in the dark. :LZSwink:
Activity on the forums has increased lately, probably because of people staying home. The amount of work for moderators has increased lol.

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