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  1. MrKiwi

    Differences between a villain and an anti-hero

    Evening... or morning... (whichever's your case) I've been reworking some of my characters (for different projects) and I noticed I had an issue. Is this character relevant? Is it good or evil? Where did it came from? And many other questions, but in terms of the second one of these (good or...
  2. MrKiwi

    RMMV Little game concept building!

    I've been unlucky posting thread at the right place recently, hope this time I nailed it... Anyways, hey there! Its your favorite non-flying birb. So I just got the idea of doing a little project just to test out some ideas, concepts and designs, its nothing too big... However I still need to...
  3. MrKiwi

    Skill types display on battle

    Hello there, I have some doubts about how to manage the skills in my project. In the game, you (the player) require an item in order to enable the use of skills (i.e a fire orb equiped to actor 1 allows him to use fire skills), also, per skill type, an actor can only equip 6 of them for battle...
  4. MrKiwi

    RMMV A forum game idea!

    Okay, maybe this idea has been debated before, but I couldn't find it. Also, I'm aware how hard this could be, still, seems at least nice to have the idea. Without further delay, lets get into it. So I had this cute idea of making a game about the community (about us). This simple concept...
  5. MrKiwi

    Character naming!

    Not sure if this is the place for this thread, sorry if not the case :( As the title states I'm having issues with naming one of the main characters for my game. Here you have her: And this is a description of her according to the protagonist: Perhaps I'll eventually come up with a name...
  6. MrKiwi

    Hime Actor Battle Commands help

    So I hope someone has a solution, or an alternative. Okay so I'm trying to display a certain skill type under specific condiftions using the himeworks actor battle commands plugin; For this example made in a new project, I'd like to display the skill type 2 (Special) whenever the actor has more...
  7. MrKiwi

    Daytime Palettes

    If you ever tried to add a daytime cycle system into your rpg project you probably either used the tint screen event, an image with daytime effects (like sunrays) or some plugin that added more control over lightining. Whatever the case every daytime (dawn, midday, sunset, night) had its own...
  8. MrKiwi

    RMMV Early concept SCI-FI rpg!

    Kiwiettes and Kiwis! I've been working for the last days on a new project (still need a solid name, so far its called: Project Gray Nature) that involves technology, nature and rpg (actually this sounds like a weird mix...) Some lore: Context: Gameplay Concepts: Now, lets get to the sweet...
  9. MrKiwi

    OC Evolution

    For those who don´t know OC stands for Original Character. So, I recently found some old designs of my OC and god... I surely changed my design style a lot, and also kinda improved my general skill. I started the design of my character in 2014, as a minecraft skin (Yes, thats the origin), the...
  10. MrKiwi

    The game making backup

    Hello there, after loosing my progress for at least 3 important times this year, I just realized how important is to backup your work at some point. (To avoid some game making depression :kaoswt:) So today's thread goes for the question: How do you backup? As far as I know, the options would...
  11. MrKiwi

    Idle Battle Actions Idea

    So I was thinking about making battle system more "dynamic" (At least, that's the idea :kaoswt2:), I think an ATB system would fit for this. Okay, lets say we're in a battle (ATB based), so whoever charges its action gauge gets to attack, heal or whatever, but, there are is a time when none of...
  12. MrKiwi

    What do you do while making games?

    I dunno, I think this might be interesting to look forward, right? Of course you must focus on what you're doing, but it would be weird if you literally just stay like 3 to 8 hours straight just writing events without doing anything else (If you do so... no offence intended :kaoswt:) In my case...
  13. MrKiwi

    Final Fantasy Saga Thoughts

    When speaking of RPG, or in general old videogame franchises, Final Fantasy surely has a special place in many gamers hearts. Although, I'd like to see what YOU, as a fellow rmaker, think about your favorite title (Or the whole saga if you don't want to choose :D). Basically I'd like to know...
  14. MrKiwi

    Looking for a vertical train sprite.

    So what I'm looking for is a vertical train sprite for an event, I ain't having luck finding one, and honestly I don't think I can make one, so I'd like to ask you guys :kaoswt: Specifics: - I'm working on Rpg Maker MV - I just need the head machine and a wagon - I think 52px long and 120px...
  15. MrKiwi

    RMMV Looking for Suspense/Horror tips

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread, sorry if not. :kaosigh: So, as title says I'm looking for some tips for a suspense/horror project I'm starting. I'm not the biggest fan of this genre (Because I'm a cowardy coward kiwi), and therefore I'm not pretty sure how to...
  16. MrKiwi

    Is difficulty still a thing?

    Basically what I'm wondering is "Difficulty is still a thing in modern games?" As I see it, modern games (At least the BIG ones) try to bring a better "experience" to the player, not saying difficulty is not a factor here, but, there's mayor focus on things such as realistic graphics or...
  17. MrKiwi

    MV Animals - Kiwi. By Mr.Kiwi

    Terms of use: - Free for commercial & non-commercial use. - I'll apreciate the proper credit. Credit "Mr.Kiwi" - I don't mind edits as long you don't claim them on your own. There's no mystery here, just kiwis... the birds... not the fruits... I made them myself based on a kiwi picture I found...
  18. MrKiwi

    RMMV Modern story prototype (Introduction so far)

    AGENT NOVA DEMO Mr.Kiwi | February 2019 More than a whole introduction itself is more a mechanic/enviroment demo. 1: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS 2: THE WORLD AND THE STORY 3. SCREENSHOTS I hope so far you can give some feedback about the actual project, especially on dialogs, graphics and...
  19. MrKiwi

    Hello RMakers :)

    Hi there, you can call me Mr.Kiwi (unless someone else already claimed the nickname) I've been using the RPG Maker software for a while (RMMV from steam), but haven't joined this site until now. My main languaje is spanish, so I apologise for any further grammar error :( Right now I have many...

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