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  1. Arisa

    The partners thread!

    henlo henlo! I thought this thread should be created! All about your partners! So like takk about them, their personality, heck even their appearance! No negativity please (。・ω・。) this is meant to be a fun thread (ohey I'll start) I won't rant too much but he's rly rly sweet and all around...
  2. Arisa

    Do any of you have an artist OC?

    henlo henlo, I posted a status update abt this but now I'm ultra curious. I'd love to read abt your OCs/personas! I'll start off. It's a lotta text so you can read up on my personal OC and my crappy backstory skills here: click me pls i have a family to feed But yaahhh :3 I'm really interested...
  3. Arisa

    Arisa's art (lolwhat i'm artist now???)

    Ayyyyy I had an art thread at some point but I'm just ashamed of everything in there so I decided I'd start fresh. I still rly hate my art but ya know what I'll get better someday, just gotta keep going. A lot of these are of the same person (Saoirse) she is my persona and shes my daughter kthx...
  4. Arisa

    Leaving! (Hopefully not forever)

    So yah I tried to make a comeback but blah blah blah I don't think the forums are great for my mental health right now,,,,so yah hopefully I'll be back but I can't make any promises -Have an amazing day
  5. Arisa

    Share Your Mental Illnesses!

    okai probably the weirdest thing I'll post :kaoback: but curiosity killed the fox! I guess I'll start since I'm the poster xd welppp, I have both depression and bipolar II, yep off to a sad start already xp I also have anorexia but HOPEFULLY that's it :kaodes::kaodes: I'm curious to hear...
  6. Arisa


    Okay so I took a break I never said much about :kaoswt2: no kill pls but I'm back! Y'all can't get rid of me that easily! I might go back to gam mak if I have enough patience :kaojoy:
  7. Arisa

    How'd you come up with your username?

    Hihi all! :kaohi: I haven't seen this question be asked here before (unless I'm blind *.*) and I got curious! The way I came up with my username is pretty personal, but let's just say that a little fox told me the name Arisa was cute and I liked it. I added "chan" to the end of it so it would...
  8. Arisa

    Good drawing programs~

    I've seen people ask about good drawing software plenty of times before, so I decided I'd compile up what I've used in the past, and what I currently use. Feel free to suggest something to add to the list! :ohappy::ohappy::ohappy: 1) Paint Tool Sai I still don't quite understand everything...
  9. Arisa

    Arisa's Writing Workshop~

    Hiya everyone~ This is my workshop for writing, but a tiny bit different from like scriptwriting, story-writing, ect... Instead, to help scene flow, I'll write you a very short story (3,000 words or less). I hope I explained this right OTZ. Links to examples of my work: Scene 1: OPEN...
  10. Arisa

    First Language Concerns

    Hiya! I see when people are signing up it's very unclear what to put as your first language, as it sounds like you should put English no matter if you're native to it or not. So a lot of non-native English speakers are putting English as their first language out of confusion. This sentence...
  11. Arisa

    Free writing tools~

    Hiya! :kaohi: Writing stories for RM is hard, believe you me, but I'm here to show you some helpful writing software and websites! Feel free to tell me about software and/or websites I dunno about and give valid reason on why it's good, and I'll add it to the list! Anyway, onto the list! 1)...
  12. Arisa

    What pets do you have?

    Hiya everyone! :kaohi: If you don't know already, I'm a pet lover~ Animals are family to me! Just not too many animals. :kaoswt: I love cats the most, but I've had a dog too, and bunnies look super cute too! Currently, I only have a cat, Chika the cat~ What pets do you guys have? I'm super...
  13. Arisa

    Arisa's what people call art Arisa calls cringe

    Hiya! Yes, I'm a terrible artist, just warning you beforehand. ANYWAY, here's a tiny collection of art I've drawn in the past........ Perhaps month.
  14. Arisa

    Favourite Horror Game?

    Hiya! It's been forever since I've made a thread. :kaoswt: But anyway, while I'm wimpy as heck, I'm always up for the challenge of horror games! My favourite has to be Bendy and the Ink Machine, old cartoons are already creepy to me, since they're colourless, now they're coming to life with a...
  15. Arisa

    Free And Useful Tools For Song Making~!

    Well, I know a lot of people can't afford expensive programs and I've been there, so found I three really nice tools to make music for your game free :kaoluv: 1: Audiotool: It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure out all the weird wires its actually useful~! The only con with this...
  16. Arisa

    What do you think is best about RM?

    For me, the power and simplicity of it. It makes it easy for someone who's never programmed a game before to make a professional level game without having to learn coding. What about all of you? What do you think is best about it?
  17. Arisa

    Long hiatus

    I'm not leaving forever! I just won't be around for a while. I'll see you guys later~
  18. Arisa

    Failed To Create Game

    That's the error I get when I try to make a game. What in the hell-o  is that about?
  19. Arisa

    Can't browse store

    I can't browse the store while I'm on the fourms. What's this about?
  20. Arisa

    How to install a tileset?

    So much for being a vet and I can't do this. Thanks in advance!

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