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  1. Fantasy Hero

    Looking for a 8-directional sprite Generator

    I'm working on a experimental project, I thought there might be a nice generator where I can create sprites for diagonal movement, and getting samples from them. I appreciate any tips or helps! I currently use RPGMAKER MV But I dont mind any raw, Non-RPGMAKER sprite Generator representing...
  2. Fantasy Hero

    Mission Map

    Hi Guys!!! How can I have a map in game that shows the location of next mission orobjective???? :D :D :D
  3. Fantasy Hero

    Face Expressions

    Hi Guys!!! I was looking forward for some generator parts to express face expressions... Such as: Crying, Angry, Confused, etc... Who can give me hand??? :D   :D   :D I really really appreciate it!!!
  4. Fantasy Hero

    New Menu Styles

    Hi Guys!!! Do you have any plugins for another type of In-Game Menu??? Thanks a bunch!!! :D   :D   :D
  5. Fantasy Hero

    Things you should consider about before porting to (Android/iOS) Devices!

    HI Guys!!! I was looking for some useful tips in porting the RPG Maker-Developed games for Android and iOS Operating systems! :D   :D   :D
  6. Fantasy Hero

    Map and Minimap

    Hi Guys!!! I was wondering about making a map option in the menu of my game, showing the area's map... :unsure:   :unsure:   :unsure: I don't really need a minimap, But I would appreciate it if I could have a minimap, too!!! :)   :)   :) Any ideas or scripts????
  7. Fantasy Hero

    Potion Icon Requests

      Resource Type: Potion Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: Ace RTP Potions Description:  Just some potions and consumables in different colors!!!! Got other stuff to do...  >_>   >_>   >_> Otherwise, I would have done it by myself...  :headshake:   :headshake:   :headshake:
  8. Fantasy Hero

    Setting Initial equipment Problem

    When I click on "Accessory", The "Armor" Pops up when I try to set Initial Equipments... And It doesn't detect any Accessories or Armors... I've tried many combinations... What should I do???  ;_;   ;_;   ;_;   
  9. Fantasy Hero

    Character Sprite Problem

    Can somebody help me with this um... Pixelic Gitch ???; which happens when I generate a sprite with Sprite Generator...

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