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  1. oriongates

    Changing animation size on the fly.

    Is there a plugin out there that will let you adjust the scale of an existing animation? There are several animations I would like to have a bit bigger or smaller (for instance, creating different-sized animations for small sprites like SV actors vs big sprites like SV enemies) but it's...
  2. oriongates

    Terrax lighting system, lag on mobile lighting events

    So, I'm using the Terrax lighting system and I have four events (NPCs) with small lighting bubbles, but when they move there is often a significant lag on the lighting, taking a second or two to catch up to the NPCs, something quite noticeable in some of the scenes I'm using them for. This is...
  3. oriongates

    Photoshop question: Creating an image "stamp"

    I'm curious if anyone knows how to do this (assuming it can be done). Is there a way, in photoshop, to create an image and basically "stamp" it onto a layer with one click. For example, say I have a flower sprite. I want to scatter a few around my parallax map. Right now I have to copy the...
  4. oriongates

    Positioning help with Yanfly's Row Formations

    So, I'm doing a couple of different things at once that are causing a couple of issues for me: First, I'm using larger-than-normal battlers (current size is 186 pixels, although I may cut it in half to 93 pixels, still undecided). Second, I'm using a larger-than-normal party size of six...
  5. oriongates

    Broken Objects/Debris

    Anyone know of any tiles that feature broken objects or debris? Not just cracked or busted up, but actually in pieces or smashed. Things like the RTP wooden barrels/crates and jars would be ideal. Other debris like wood planks or rocks would also be useful. Looking for stuff available for...
  6. oriongates

    A way to show balloon icons for interactable events

    So, I'm looking for a way to indicate to the player when they're facing an event they can interact with (notably, not every "action button" events...some things will be interactable but not important enough to indicate and I feel like NPC events are self-evidently interactable). I found...
  7. oriongates

    [RMMV] Help with resizing sprites through photoshop

    I'm not 100% sure if this is the best part of the forum to post this, but I figure someone probably has some experience with this so I wanted to check if anyone might have some insight on this issue. I'm experimenting with editing some sprites and I'm trying to see how big I can get them...
  8. oriongates

    SRD Battle End Common Events Bug

    So, I'm trying to use SRD's battle end common events plugin and it's throwing out a bug. For context, this is a "win" command and I've got the troop programmed on Turn 0 to issue the plugin command SetWinCommonEvent [5] which is, of course, set for common event 5 which is a conditional loot...
  9. oriongates

    [MV] Dark Fantasy Style tall templates

    I'm looking to create some custom tall SV battlers and the Dark Fantasy Battlers (like Harold below) hit almost the exact sweet spot I'm looking for between cartoony and weighty. I was hoping someone had made a blank template for sprites like this but I haven't been able to find any (in...
  10. oriongates

    Correcting full-screen animations for higher resolutions [MV]

    So, I've set my game to larger resolution (1104 x 624) but this is preventing full-screen animations from properly filling the screen (things like Laser All, and Wind/Water 5, plus several third party animations). Is there any way to either adjust animations to widescreen proportions in-engine...
  11. oriongates

    Yanfly "breathing" animation on SV actors [MV]

    So, I'm working on making some custom battlers for sideview combat. I actually quite like the breathing animation provided by Yanfly's Animated SV enemies and I'd like to apply that to sideview actors to save some work on creating idle posing. Anyone know of a way to get that same breathing...
  12. oriongates

    Alternate attack animation

    So, I've got a system where the players have hand-to-hand weapons equipped in their regular weapon slot and a gun weapon, which is just a re-skinned shield slot. The gun gives the player access to gun skills (shoot, reload, aimed shot, etc). When one of those skills is used I'd like the...
  13. oriongates

    Gun Mechanic Design Help

    So, I'm trying to put together a (hopefully) simple gun/ammo system but the system is turning out to be more complex than I anticipated. I'm not using standard MP for magic, so I've replaced the MP system with an ammo system for guns. The guns are basically renamed "shields" that can be...
  14. oriongates

    Spellcasting power up via spending actions [MV]

    This may be a bit too ambitious, so I've got kind of three levels of functionality for what I'm trying to do. The first one seems like it would be the most complex (assuming its possible), the second one is in between and the last is almost definitely possible but isn't as impressive as I'm...
  15. oriongates

    Conditional state/debuff immunity

    I'm trying to simulate a type of magic immunity by making a particular player character immune to states/debuffs triggered by magical skills (but still be affected normally by non-magical effects such as a poisonous attack from say...a giant snake). Anyone aware of a way to make that happen?
  16. oriongates

    Looking for common wisdom: Things every game should do

    So, I just recently upgraded my game's resolution based on the pinned thread here. It looks good and I definitely prefer it, but it meant I had to go back through a bunch of scenes and fix things like image positioning and how text is displayed so it fits the window. Fortunately I'm not too...
  17. oriongates

    Creating an "injured" trigger without variables

    So, I'm trying to create an event where the player interacts with it and if they are injured then the event heals them a bit. The problem is getting the conditional branch that triggers the healing to detect if the player is injured or not. The only way I've figured out how to do this is by...
  18. oriongates

    Timing up a walk-and-talk scene

    Okay, so I've got a scene where the player is walking a fairly lengthy (19 steps) distance while dialogue bubbles open up for a conversation in the party. Once the player reaches their destination and the dialogue completes then the player performs a new action (hopping over a fence) and the...
  19. oriongates

    60 fps default animations

    After getting some animation packs on the latest steam sale I updated MV to run animations at 60 FPS to take full advantage. However, obviously then the base animations need to be updated to use any of them. Needless to say, going through the animations and adding 4x as many frames is quite the...
  20. oriongates

    Parallel Battles

    So, I'm looking to craft a scene which appears to switch back and forth between two ongoing, separate fights. The good news is that this is entirely scripted and I don't need to actually have two fights running side-by-side (although if anyone knows how to create such a scenario, that would be...

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