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  1. sephiroth976

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    Nice, but if its not too much work id still like to request a disconnect option (if possible). Its just nice to have the ability to log out. :P This is a really good plugin, i hope you keep working on it even without magical free time, there are so few out of the box working online plugins at...
  2. sephiroth976

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    Is there a plugin command to disconnect from the server? This plugin is pretty much perfect for my game where all i need is the players to see eachother and chat, but only on a specific map, however id like to have the players disconnect when they leave the map so they can save their progress...
  3. sephiroth976

    Android Optimization!

    Man.. i just spent 40 minutes making an epicly long thread here.. and it didnt save because as i hit submit it had logged me out and asked me to log back in.. and its 4:34am here as im starting to re-type this. Anyway i wanted to make a thread talking about optimization for android deployment...

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Well, looks like I need to build myself a quest system. Or really just a system for "Helpful voices" to talk to the player. I'm sure nothing will go wrong listening to them.... They're "helpful". :LZSwink:

Should be pretty easy with PIXI just letting me write all over the screen. :LZSexcite:
I'm starting to think I just dont like anime since the last one I enjoyed was none of them.
It's still here...
Hi guys, Im new here. Im using RPGMMV. In this community i would like to learn more and become better rpg developer.
The main character for the first game was originally going to become a member of the party in the third game but I'm probably changing him to an important NPC instead. That brings the third game's total ensemble roster down to nine with one optional secret character.

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