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  1. Field combat system

    I'm looking into improving my game by adding things in it to make it stand out from other RPG Maker games. I'm fairly confident about this because I'm at least able to create unique graphics and whatnot by myself. But one thing that bothers me about RPG Maker MV is the battle system is so damn...
  2. Change face image mid game

    There is this scene in my game where one of the main actors gets turned into a monster, and then he's forced to fight the villain along with the rest of the party. My battle engine is altered in a way that makes the face portraits visible (thanks to one of yanfly's plugins) and I really wanna...
  3. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    Let me explain. In my game, you are able to synthesize items. To do so, you need to buy recipe books. But it seems a bit silly to be able to buy the same exact recipe book twice when you don't need to. So is it possible to make it so you can buy a certain recipe book only once, before the...
  4. Maps mysteriously disappearing...

    This is more of a technical problem, but its really been bothering me a lot. I have the steam version of RPG Maker MV. I'm usually using it on offline mode because I have very unsteady internet connection. Before now its been working fine. But lately I've been finding that whenever I add a new...
  5. Town name ideas

    I need some ideas for possible names for the towns in my game. For now their placeholder names are Ice Village, Desert Town etc. But they obviously need to be better than that. Problem is I have no idea what to name these towns. - A town that you start the game in. It's a small village that is...
  6. Changing party members' max HP outside of battle

    EDIT: I just realized that this whole issue stemmed from a really big dumb moment I had. I didn't even realize that changing the parameter was actually increasing the Max HP, not decreasing it. Sometimes I have these moments that make me question my brain pattern. The advice about changing the...
  7. When you don't have enough money for the inn...

    EDIT: This issue has already been solved. Thank you everyone for the help. Hi, so... I have another question now. Keeping in mind that I am a complete beginner with RPG Maker software so I don't know things that more experienced rpg makers probably understand well. I have a magic tutor in my...
  8. I need help with a cutscene... HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLVED

    EDIT: Nevermind guys, I found out what the problem was myself. It was actually something pretty dumb lol. But thank you everyone for your help. ~*~ Before I say any of this, I wanna make it very clear to everyone that I am brand new to RPG Maker. So I am naturally having a hard time with parts...

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