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  1. RedFoxGaming

    Repeat Animation for x# of hits and Popup # hits in message

    So I'm still working on my plugin here, and what I want to do (I'll have a true/false parameter for each of these) is to repeat the animation for as many times as the player or enemy hit, (or like in some FF games where 1 hit is 1 animation, 2-5 is 2 and 6+ is 3 repeats of the animation). I also...
  2. RedFoxGaming

    Issue with Eval() returning an exception

    So I am currently working on my first plugin and I am brand new to JS. I'll post the code in a spoiler and then I'll explain the issue. This code is not finished yet, but what I am trying to do here is make a multiple hit calculation similar to the Final Fantasy games. The issue is the damage...
  3. RedFoxGaming

    Parse a string in parameters array to be read as a formula

    How do I convert the string in a parameter, i.e. var phitsform = (parameters['Possible Hits Formula'], "a.agi / 16"); so that when I call this variable, it will return it as a readable formula instead of a string EDIT: More specifically, I need it to calculate the formula instead of printing...
  4. RedFoxGaming

    Best way to add custom stat parameters, and edit level ups

    What would be the best way for me to add additional stat parameters to my actors? Mainly, I want to add Strength, Vitality, Intelligence and Wisdom. I also want to edit the level up system to not use the parameter tables, but to add a random value pulled from a min, max range for each stat in...
  5. RedFoxGaming

    [JS] Force Critical Hit Message

    So I'm not using the engine's default CHIT system. I'm using a custom check in my attack formula function I've created and when the check passes, the damage returned will be based off a different formula for the critical hit. All I want to know, in addition to returning the damage, how could I...
  6. RedFoxGaming

    Instant Death Spell but you gain no EXP or Gold from it

    What would be the best way to create an instant Death Spell, but when you use it, every enemy that was killed by it gives 0 EXP and 0 gold?
  7. RedFoxGaming

    Have each enemy spawned in troop spawn with different % value of his HP

    So, what I am wanting to do here is I am trying to actually complete a game for once, before I work on my main project so I know if I can actually stay persistent enough with developing by myself to finish something. I am currently making a "fangame" in a sense or a game heavily based off of the...
  8. RedFoxGaming

    Help with this Attacking Code (UPDATED: New Issue)

    So I had another thread with the same code but all of that is solved. Now, I want to ask help on how to do something completely different. I'm coming into this with 0 javascript experience and I don't know where any of the games original functions are located within the individual *.js files...
  9. RedFoxGaming

    Issue with Attack Formula

    So I am trying to implement DnD style dice rolls into damage calculation, and the formula I have works, except for one slight issue that I cannot seem to figure out. I have implemented a multiple hits system into the formula as well, but it doesn't appear to be working. I still do damage, even...
  10. RedFoxGaming

    Stretch/Scale Game Screen on Android

    Is there any plugins out there or any way to make the game scale to the tablet/phone screen on Android devices? When I test, no matter if I put the correct screen resolution of the device in Yanfly's plugin (in this case 1280x720), the game only uses about half the screen, with black bars on...
  11. RedFoxGaming

    Javascript in MV, minor question

    So, I do not know much JS at all, especially in the context of MV, but just looking at some plugins and looking through the code to try and get a handle on it. Is this similar to Minecraft modding, where basically, all I would be doing is taking the existing code and making modified classes of...
  12. RedFoxGaming

    Extra Stats + Varied Levelups

    So basically here is what I am wanting to achieve. I want to add 4 stats to my game, Strength (STR), Vitality (VIT), Spirit (SPI), and Intellegence (INT). When a character levels, instead of having a set number it goes up per level, I want some form of variance. I want to be able to set a range...
  13. RedFoxGaming

    A State that inflicts Death after x number of Turns

    So I am wanting to make a battle that is time, in that as soon as the battle starts, the Boss casts a spell on the whole party that inflicts a state that will instant kill the whole party after a certain number of turns. I have both Yanfly's Buffs and States core and Yanfly's Extended Damage...
  14. RedFoxGaming

    Final Fantasy 2 Like Leveling System

    I know there is a plugin by CrystalNoel that does this, but it seems out of date and his activity seems nonexistent since January of 2018. Are there any other plugins out there to give a Final Fantasy 2 style leveling system where your stats could level by actions taken in battle. In FF2, you...
  15. RedFoxGaming

    Yanfly's Enemy Level's Patch

    Is there a patch for Yanfly's Enemy Level to make it to where Enemy's can use skills if they are a certain level? Like say, once a slime is higher than level 10, he can use [Skill 1], and once he's level 20+ he can use [Skill 2] Here is a link to the script...
  16. RedFoxGaming

    Tips with Armor Scaling by Yanfly

    Would anyone perhaps have any tips or example damage formulas to use with this script for damage balancing? Or just examples of how they've used it and implemented it. I want to use this plugin because I think I can make strategies and AIs to use Armor piercing mechanics and the such. I'm just...
  17. RedFoxGaming

    Small Script to Return Used Item ID to Variable

    Hello, I know nothing about JS, but I was wondering if a script can be made to do something simple, or someone explain to me on how to do it. Either way, I need something to do this: When I use an item, any item it doesn't matter, it detects I used an item, then returns the item ID of the item...
  18. RedFoxGaming

    RMMV Project Mysterium

    Project Mysterium is the code name for a project I have started working on in RPG Maker MV. The final title is still undecided. This is a game and idea that is still very much in its early stages, with only a basic story and basic mechanics to go on as of now, with more coming as I can work it...
  19. RedFoxGaming

    Looking to Change either Region Ids or Map Encounters based on Day/Night

    My game is going to have a Day/Night system. I've evented a very simple one, and it relies on mainly variables, but also one switch. I have it to set a switch to true when it is night, but I can also check if a variable is a certain number to check if it is night or not. I want to make it to...
  20. RedFoxGaming

    TypeError Undefined is not a function Android

    So I finally got my project to export to Android. So far so good. However the game crashes on startup with the error on the title .If one is accessable i can find a debug console and copy the info from it but I don't know if this exists in an Android deployment or if it stores an error log...

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