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  1. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    Driftwood Gaming has uploaded a video of The Long Road! Check it out!
  2. LeoHeart

    RMVXA Ride The Space Train (Demo)

    This interests me. It reminds me of some of the old David Firth animations that used to frequent the web (most famously Salad Fingers).
  3. LeoHeart

    RMMV KI(N)DS - An extraterrestrial RPG.

    Everything about this is pretty cool, the music drove me absolutely insane though, I had to mute the video. I like your additions to the DLC tileset, I think you're doing a great job in the art and design department.
  4. LeoHeart

    RMVXA Dragon Quest VX Ace! (DEMO)

    This looks fantastic! Downloading now!
  5. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    Just a little bump and a quick video showing off some of Hunter's skills! Enjoy!
  6. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    Added a new screenshot that shows the concept behind Hunter's combo attack system. Most basic attacks and abilities will have layers of combo inputs that must be put in the correct order. Not shown is a timer that displays the amount of time left for combo inputs. The idea is that you'll have a...
  7. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    @barnzie8 Great questions! It's mostly a balance update with bugfixes. Several new abilities have been added and can be unlocked as you purchase abilities. The game's difficulty is supposed to ramp up after that boss fight and I felt it was just slightly over-tuned (I only nerfed it by like...
  8. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    A new version of the demo has been released and all download links have been updated. This new version clarifies some of the game mechanics and provides some relief for RPG first timers. Some minor bugs have also been fixed. I'd also like to take this as an opportunity to invite everyone to...
  9. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    2/25/2017 Update: A new version of the demo has been released! Enjoy! The Long Road is a heartwarming, hilarious and (sometimes) tragic Adventure RPG scheduled to release in Q3 2017 on Steam. At least 5% of all proceeds will go directly to fund no-kill animal shelters! The game features 100%...
  10. LeoHeart

    Renderer is Forcing Blur on Battlebacks?

    What is the size for the default battlebacks? I've tried 1000x740 and 1600x1300 as well to no avail. It seems to do it regardless of the image resolution. Even if the image is to small and it tiles it, it still applies the blurring.
  11. LeoHeart

    Renderer is Forcing Blur on Battlebacks?

    Resolution for the game is 816x624, same for the battleback image. I'm using Yanfly's MV Core plugin. Never touched the resolution setting. If I enable the scale battlebacks variable it properly goes full screen, otherwise there is a section at the bottom that repeats. Do I have to use an image...
  12. LeoHeart

    Renderer is Forcing Blur on Battlebacks?

    Thanks for your reply! I've already tried that :( Both images are the screen size in the attachment, the exact same resolution. I've used the same method for generating all of my assets and have no idea why battlebacks in particular are having this issue.
  13. LeoHeart

    Renderer is Forcing Blur on Battlebacks?

    Heya! I've been able to completely remove that blurring effect on text by using my own "picture" fonts. I also used the tutorials around here and found a way to remove the blurring effect from the actual gameplay (maps, sprites, etc.). There is one place, however, where I cannot figure out how...
  14. LeoHeart


    This looks absolutely fantastic and I am looking forward to it. My only advise would be to speed up the battle animations by about 3x what they are, it looks a bit slow and sluggish. The pixel work here is very nice as is the smart decision to go side-scrolling!
  15. LeoHeart

    Final Fantasy R: The randomized FF rogue-like!

    As others have said the graphics are a bit messy and do not mesh well at all. A lot of this has to do with the "mixels" that others have talked about. Typically, if you have images at different pixel resolutions next to each other, they look very awkward. There is a lot more to making something...
  16. LeoHeart


    As others have commented, this is 9/10 work. Game looks amazing. My only complaint and the only thing keeping it from 10/10 in my eyes is the mixels. I think this can be mainly fixed by making your own sprites, as you had said that's what you want to do. If you need any help with pixel art...
  17. LeoHeart

    DiM: Afterhours

    Free bump for Firgof, for his endless contributions to our small RPGMaker community. Best of luck to you my friend, your game looks awesome!
  18. LeoHeart

    The Long Road

    Shameless bump : ) Will be making the demo available to all soon. Definite_lee please re-send the email! And thank you Zinnia!
  19. LeoHeart

    The Long Road

    New version of The Long Road alpha is out for testers! You can view the changelog here: If you are interested in becoming a tester, shoot me an email at:
  20. LeoHeart

    Suddenly, Saving on a Slot Erases that Slot?

    Figured it out, it was a problem with the plugin that has since been fixed. Thanks again!

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