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  1. DarrellLeon

    Disable during Menu

    So due to work, life and many other reasons I'd abandoned my project back towards the end of 2013 and haven't picked it back up, until now... I intended to come at it with fresh perspective and fresh plans and though a lot of basic coding I still have down, it is likely due to lack of sleep but...
  2. DarrellLeon

    Simple Farming System

    Introduction For years trends in gaming and patterns have become evident, one of the big examples is the use of zombie specific elements, even as mini games just to add that element into your game and appeal to fans of the genre. One of the current, and very popular styles of game / mini game...
  3. DarrellLeon

    Conditioned Traits Stacking (Solved)

    So I'm experimenting with lots of scripts at the moment to try to get a feel for different ones and different features that work well in my system. In the future I am going to be building the game I'm working on from the ground up with all my own scripts but it's nice to get a feel for how other...
  4. DarrellLeon

    [SOLVED] Undefined Method "opacity="

    So I've been working on a conversion merger of two scripts I found doing similar things and rewrote the two into my own one so it'd do exactly what I want. After finishing the script I proceeded through bug testing and have fixed numerous bugs already (mostly spelling mistakes or formatting...

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