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  1. Get X/Y position of parallax map as it scrolls?

    Hi all, Not sure if this should go here or plugin requests, but first I wanted to establish the scope of my situation, and see if a plugin/script would even be necessary. So, I have a parallax background that has a sky and a sun. The map scrolls horizontally. I would like to make it so that...
  2. [SOLVED] Help with fade in/fade out when returning to map

    Hi all, Here's the gameplay scenario. There are two playable characters. When you sleep in a bed, you wake up on a different map, as a different character. So, I have a fade in set up on my initial map like so: Then, the character can choose to go back to sleep. If they do, the screen...
  3. Animated image as event on map

    Having issues getting an animation to play as an event on the map. I seem to remember getting this to work in the past, by setting the event to "stepping", so that the animation would loop - but maybe it was simpler because the animation was only 3 frames? As you can see, this is a longer...
  4. Workflow, placeholder map/tileset and future proofing

    Hi all, First post - hope this is in the appropriate forum. I've recently downloaded RPG Maker MV. My plan is to build a complete game using the tilesets that come with MV, and once everything has been built, to replace all the assets. I am not artistically inclined so I KNOW I will need to...

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