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  1. fruitlapassion

    To be honest, I prefer the non-chibi one too :)

    To be honest, I prefer the non-chibi one too :)
  2. fruitlapassion

    Yes, that's really good to hear :D

    Yes, that's really good to hear :D
  3. fruitlapassion

    How to create a chase scene like in Ao Oni?

    This is an interesting question u.u Can I ask a thing even though I'm not the one who created the post? If yes, how do you set the event's route to "custom"? And how would the parallel process event work? .-. If no, I'm very sorry >.<
  4. fruitlapassion

    How do I start?

    Thank you for the tutorial! I love interactive ones...They make everything easier c: Though, I'm in the first lesson, and I must say that 'master' is quite coldhearted ;-; (No pizza for me...) I don't get it...Can I ask some questions? 1. (lesson 1) when you're specifying what object are you...
  5. fruitlapassion

    What are you working on?

    I'm writing my game's screenplay, harassing recluiting people and trying to figure out what is the difference between the events and the scripts =u=
  6. fruitlapassion

    hahaha and why is that? xD

    hahaha and why is that? xD
  7. fruitlapassion

    How do I start?

    Hello, all of you! I'm fruit, and a I'm newbie to this site. I'm working (or at least trying to) in a game *-* That's why, after clearing up my mind, I decided that I must learn scripting u.u  I am ready to multiple headaches learn! Now, the thing is...Where do I start? what exactly are "the...
  8. fruitlapassion

    If you had a day to live what would you do?

    Oh, what wouldn't I do? First, the normal "why me" crying, complaining etc etc. Then I surely would send happy little messages to happy little people, do the 1001 jokes I ever wanted to, tell my dad some little happy things...Tell someone in the street that I love him (if it's going to be my...
  9. fruitlapassion

    Mirages -horror survival *recruiting*

    Salut, everybody! I'm here to ask help to those who, unlike me, actually know what they're doing when using rpg maker. I'm starting a new project, and I would like YOU to participate! Well then, let us begin! Title of the game; Mirages Genre; horror survival, puzzle. Sypnosis; You play as...
  10. fruitlapassion

    She: Chapter 1: The Endless Nightmare. (Complete)

    Oh, I really want to play this game! It looks so nice *-* I downloaded it, however, everytime I click the icon to play it just keeps extracting itself...How do I do? ;-; edit:nevermind XD I already figured it out (it was just me...e-e) I will try out your game and post my comments here :3...
  11. fruitlapassion


    So chic, my title *o* can call me fruit ( does sound awful, huh...) I'm a little, little girl (ok,not that little D:) trying to create a game, an horror rpg game :B but... its just too much .-. too many...words...and computer programming...I don't know a thing about...

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