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  1. Morahir

    RMMV Skazka (Demo)

    Good! Thanks!:rhappy:
  2. Morahir

    RMMV Skazka (Demo)

    Can I find out how long it took to go through? :rhappy:
  3. Morahir

    RMMV Skazka (Demo)

  4. Morahir

    RMMV Skazka (Demo)

    Project name: "Skazka" Engine: RPG Maker MV Skazka (Demo) - is an adventure game developed by Mustella Games. After one incident, the mother of the protagonist was cursed, and the only way to cure her is to get a divine flower that grows only on the "Mountain of Life". He is the only one who...
  5. Morahir

    Khaar Stories

    Thanks :3 Today and until February 2, you can try the game for free! :rhappy: Thanks!:rwink:Today and until February 2, you can try the game for free!
  6. Morahir

    Khaar Stories

    Project name: "Khaar Stories" Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is divided into several stories. Each story tells you about the difficult fate of the main characters. The first story will tell you about a courtesan named Kageru. The second story is coming soon... Characters: "Khaar...

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