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  1. upload highscore to a web based table

    Yes, but problem is, such a request is easy seen and can lead to players just taking the request, adding the score number by hand and sending ridiculous values to the tables. I talked with a frontend dev and he suggested to create a control sum of a value - for example current time - this is...
  2. Keeping Actors in certain spots...

    ahh, sorry, I didn't realize you meant in battle. I think there was a way to anchor players in battle, but I have no idea. This doesn't happen in my game :(
  3. Keeping Actors in certain spots...

    Hmm, does that edge of the screen move? I ask, since I see 2 possibilities that should be quite easy to achieve - one is a region event (check Yanfly's channel) - so an actor might wander off to a reqion that triggers an even causing the actor to move into a different/preprogrammed location...
  4. upload highscore to a web based table

    One thing I though about might be a ping to the database with the correct parameters, the problem is, these would need to be hashed so that they don't get intercepted. But then again, not sure how to do that either :/ But you are correct, this would lead to multiple other uses than just...
  5. upload highscore to a web based table

    Hi, I am using caethyril 's plugin for a score table, however I need to know if there is a way to send the result to a website or sql table so that I can display the highscores on a website? I know I can import with a json data to a webpage, but first I would need to get the data out of the...
  6. Change the effect of an Item/attack depending on who you are using it on

    For rpg maker ace yanfly created a plugin for the scope all, so seems I need to wait for his reply.
  7. Change the effect of an Item/attack depending on who you are using it on

    Hi, Iliketea, could you explain me how you manage to get an option to "scope: all" for an item? The RPGmaker allows me for items only to chose target me/ally or enemies, but not all. Also I am as well interested in making an undead state and let healing potions damage them, so did you manage to...

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