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  1. gannon665

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Howdy all! First time posting here, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Spoiler has the full image, with a backup link below just in case it doesn't want to load. Put together a castle using the FES Resource Pack for MV. Lemme know what you think! @Andreaus-Whitefyre Another good way to add some...
  2. gannon665

    Dragon Engine - Ring Scene Menu

    I absolutely love this sort of idea. I'd love to see it apply to something like the Select Item command; where you could walk up to an NPC or event and the ring menu open to show all the items listed in your inventory, so you could select one for use. The same sort of thing could be said for a...
  3. gannon665

    YEP_X_ActorVariables: Additional Display Options?

    I've been playing around with the ActorVariables system by Yanfly, using it to add additional variable "skills" to my game, such as providing a display for a proficiency level in sleeping/eating/cooking/etc. However, I was interested if there is any sort of functionality for the screen to not...
  4. gannon665

    Weapon/Armor Stats Bugged

    I'm not entirely sure what is going on here with my game, but I'll try to explain it as well as I can. In the Classes tab of the database, I have all of my classes stats set to be 1 point at level 1. Weapons and armor are supposed to increase the stats by 1 point. In the database, I have...
  5. gannon665

    Eventing Trouble

    I guess I'll try reading up on some tutorials then for loops and labels. I've never used either one of them, and until you mentioned it had actually forgot they existed.
  6. gannon665

    Eventing Trouble

    I've never used a loop before, I'm not really sure how to set one up.
  7. gannon665

    Eventing Trouble

    I'm having some trouble sorting out how to event the following situation in a way that works. The player has the ability to equip different accessories that adds special skills. When these skills are used a common event is ran which adds +1 to a variable for that item. When that item reaches...
  8. gannon665

    Ace Format Icons Resized to MV Format Icons

    I tried scaling like that, and it made the icons extremely blurry. 
  9. gannon665

    Ace Format Icons Resized to MV Format Icons

    This works nice for creating new icons, but how can I use it to edit iconsheets I already have?
  10. gannon665

    Ace Format Icons Resized to MV Format Icons

    I wasn't sure if this would fall under General Resources or Support. It involves asking for technical support in some sort of photo editing software, so it was included here. I currently have a large iconset I created for Ace, with icons formatted at Ace sizes. I'm trying to re-format these...
  11. gannon665

    Orange HUD

    How exactly would I do that? The time system settings get me a bit confused. 
  12. gannon665

    Orange HUD

    Is there any way to make the minutes jump in increments of 10 or 30 at a time, instead of 1?
  13. gannon665

    1280x720 default battlebacks

    I can't get the mediafire downloads to work. When I click on the button to download it, it just refreshes the page.
  14. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    That fixed it! Apparently the ItemCore plugin that comes with the Preorder pack is an older version than the one on the download. It has different features than the one from direct download (such as showing the name of the actor who has an item equipped. the one from Preorder didn't do that)...
  15. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    After doing what you said, I've found that it's something wrong with Yanfly's ItemCore plugin. When the plugin is disabled, the game runs normally. I have a completely empty inventory on startup. When I run the game with Yanfly's ItemCore plugin, I have 3 non-stacked versions of Weapon #1 in my...
  16. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    That only fixed half of my problem. Now I can equip the 3 Dusty Staves that keep appearing in my inventory, but I still have these items appearing for absolutely no reason. I have no events set giving myself these 3 items. They're in my inventory on start and will not go away no matter what map...
  17. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    I don't really understand what you're suggesting I check. I have it installed, yes. But none of the items I've created use any sort of tags or settings from the plugin. Weapon #1 is a Dusty Stave. My character has the Dusty Stave equipped. He also has 3 separate Dusty Staves (they do not stack)...
  18. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    I'm having this exact same bug. When I playtest the game, my inventory is automatically filled with 3 copies of Weapon 1 and 1 copy of Armor 1. Every single time I playtest the game, regardless of what map I start from, this happens. I tried deleting Weapon 1 and Armor 1 from the database, but...
  19. gannon665

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    This is actually really exciting. MV has built in battlers that I really enjoy, but your art style is absolutely beautiful. All of these enemies look really natural! I'm excited to see how many different creatures you're able to push out, and how many different zones your represent. If you do...
  20. gannon665

    Official Bug Report

    Something of a bug that I've encountered (I'm not sure if others have, I haven't read through every single bug post as of yet): If I try to delete a map the entire program crashes instantly. I'm using the Steam version of MV. I've encountered this two ways: 1) Right clicking a map name and...

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