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  1. Character Sprite made in Aseprite has white background despite file being shown as a transparent png

    I haven't used much of 2k3 yet so I wanted to give it ago and made a pretty basic sprite sheet, with the correct dimensions, in Aseprite of this smiley face guy: When I went to put it in the folder to use it, the thumbnail in the database was just completely black and then came up as an...
  2. Deployment not correctly working

    So I am currently satisfied with the small portion of game I have made and I have successfully deployed it into a folder under my documents on a Windows computer. However, when its finally done, not only is the "Game" file smaller than all the files it comes with but it isn't a .exe either. Can...
  3. Custom Image not showing up on Title Image selection

    I am currently using a trial for MV before I actually buy the game and even when I moved my image to the specific img>title1 folder, the image won't show up on the list you can select from. It is also a png as all the other images are.

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