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  1. Prez

    16-bit style sound FX

    Hallo! So something I've grappled with in the past when thinking of game ideas has been sound FX - since I'm a big fan of the POP Horror tileset and that sort of retro pixelly style in general, I feel like the standard crisp-and-modern RTP sound FX - not to mention most of the stuff you can find...
  2. Prez

    Help with overlaying tiles!

    Hallo; I have a bad feeling this'll turn out to be a dumb question with an obvious answer I somehow overlooked, but for the time being I'm kinda stumped as to how to proceed. To put it briefly, I bought Celianna's Winter dungeons tileset for VX Ace the other day, but for some reason I'm having...
  3. Prez

    'Light' Guards/Soldiers

    Hallo again! I realize I've already posted a thread here a couple days ago but that was more of a 'does this thing exist?' thread, this is an actual request - my first one, in fact. :V Anyways, without further ado: Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Mack (VX style, not...
  4. Prez

    Templates for VXA-style Mack characters

    Hallo again! I'm almost 99% certain this particular thing has been requested already, but I've searched all over the forums and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, and the few promising things I have found are all so old that the resources linked have expired or been taken down. As the...
  5. Prez

    Plugins on VX Ace

    Hi! I'm not new to these forums but it's been a long while since I last posted here - I think at the beginning of this year; bloody hell it's gone quickly - thanks to my short interest span in anything. :V The last time I was here, I used RPG Maker MV - however, since then, I've been...
  6. Prez


    So, yes; as the name of this thread implies, I was wondering how one would go about making a side-scroller in RPG Maker - MV, to be exact. I know it's possible (if not in MV, then in some other iteration), but does it require lots of plugins or can it be done in the engine as it is? Or is RPG...
  7. Prez

    RMMV Vermin Quest

    Vermin Quest Or, a game all about equalising the food chain. So lately around the forums I've been alluding to an adventure sort of game - this is not that game. This is a completely different idea that I just had, and closer to a traditional RPG, based on a short-lived text adventure game I...
  8. Prez

    PHC Downed Bases

    So, a while back I bought the POP! Horror City resources for RMMV, and have since decided it's what I want to use for my first game thing, since I quite like the retro style it's going for. However, I noticed the character bases provided - which I appreciated a lot - didn't include the downed...
  9. Prez

    Tileset Sheets?

    Hallo again! I'm sure this is another stupid question or I just haven't been looking properly, but are there any templates for RPGMV tileset sheets? I've been cobbling together some props but I can never seem to place them correctly on the first try, and It'd be very helpful to know they were in...
  10. Prez

    Menu Reformatting

    So, since it's fairly popular to make adventure-style games with the RPGM engine, does there exist a plugin or other technique that enables one to change the menu so that it only gives you an items/inventory list, maybe a journal of some description as well? (Something that lets you keep track...
  11. Prez

    Searching for Tilesets

    Hallo there! Just to be absolutely clear, I'm not making any requests since I know how time-consuming tileset work is, I'm simply asking if these resources already exist so I know whether or not I need to do the legwork myself. :) I've been searching around for sci-fi-themed tilesets...
  12. Prez

    Overlay A2 Tiles

    Quick question here; I just downloaded some tiles for use on an A2 tileset sheet thingamajig, which are designed as an overlay over other tiles. However, after editing them into the default A2 tileset sheet via GIMP, they don't act as an overlay but instead as a... how do I explain it... well...
  13. Prez


    New member here, and so for my first request for help; a likely stupid question! :V I see a lot of RPGMV maps that are mostly enveloped in darkness, with the 'default' level of light only provided by light sources which typically assume the form of a circular 'area' of light... if that makes...
  14. Prez

    Hallo, hallo

    So, new member present! I'm a somewhat socially awkward British person who understates everything, is a little bit naive, and has a bad habit of adding ':V' to the end of his sentences. Also, has some pretty bad interest span/motivation issues, which is a bit annoying because now I've decided I...

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