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  1. numituwi

    Plugin for Holiday Events?

    Happy Holidays everyone! Isn't this exciting? :kaoluv: Apologies for the post, I am on a kind of a hangover and an idea brewed in my head with Christmas being tomorrow... Is there a plugin for Holiday events? Like where you can make events occur tied to a player's computer clock? Thank you...
  2. numituwi

    Hiding Pictures behind Irina Visual Novel Busts?

    Good morning everyone! :kaohi: My friend recently bought me the Visual Novel Busts plugin as a early Christmas present! :kaoluv: I've been tinkering around with it this morning and I'm pretty pleased, but there's an issue that messes a bit with my game's aesthetic. (Note that the bust sprite...
  3. numituwi

    Best Way To Implement "SFW" Setting?

    Good evening everyone :kaohi: So for context! My game has a few raunchy scenes and my friend suggested making a option for the player to toggle off "nsfw" scenes for streaming purposes. I was considering using DreamX's plugin since I'm using switches for the events but there was compatibility...
  4. numituwi

    Help please! Adjusting Choice Font Size

    Good afternoon everyone! I've been making some progress on my game and I'm currently testing the choices! Choices will be a big part of my game so I want to make sure they look nice, but currently my font is too big for the choices. Is there a way to make the font smaller specifically in the...
  5. numituwi

    Are scrolling platformers possible?

    I'm gonna start this off with some context, just so things make a bit more sense: After studying old arcade games and figuring out what made them so fun despite their limitations, I learned that all of them revolve around variations of dodging/collecting. Liking the simplicity of that, instead...
  6. numituwi

    Your favorite slice of life?

    I really love sweet and simple content and the slice of life genre offers that! However, I have only seen a few works (Tatami Galaxy, Yotsuba!, and Polar Bear Cafe). What's your favorite slice of life work? Anime, manga, visual novels? List any you can think of! :kaohi:
  7. numituwi

    Translating 32x64 sprites to MV?

    So there's this old Rpgmaker 2k3 project I left in development hell for 5 years. I decided that it was time for me to do something with it now that I have MV! Without much thought, I took the 24x32 sprites and went "Hey MV lets me use bigger sprites right" without much further thought, and...
  8. numituwi

    VX Ace or MV : Regarding the Multi Export

    Hello everyone! It's no question that being able to export your game on multiple platforms is a great thing. MV is the only engine that has this capability after all. However, MV is still updating and sometimes those updates mess with plugins! Would you use something more stable like VX Ace...

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