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  1. Sekunri

    Displaying message as a result of a function in battle

    I'll get straight to the point. Currently I have a plugin in development where you are able to summon new actors not in your party into battle, my SummonCore plugin. Anyways within the plugin I have a function that dismisses a summoned actor after x turns have passed. It is as a result...
  2. Sekunri

    Summon Core

    Summon Core by Sekunri Video: About: I've been working on a plugin that will allow the summoning of actors from skills via note tags. The plugin also allows management of summons outside of battle while ensuring that summons are never a part of the main party. Inspiration for this...
  3. Sekunri

    [MV] Battle Entry Animation

    So I started working on a plugin a little bit ago and in the process of it I came to the realization I'm going to need to figure out where the "run on screen" animation and "run away" animations take place in the core javascript files. And I seem to not be referring to requestMotion() since all...
  4. Sekunri

    Using Note Tags in Plugin Creation

    So I've seen a few people ask about this in the forums but no one seems to ask the question quite the way I needed. I know that you have to make some function to read notes. As such I used the following template So as of right now this should do nothing more than load the note tags and...
  5. Sekunri

    Summon Actors Plugin

    Seki_Summon V1.02a by Sekunri   Official Development Topic w/ Update Video Introduction This plugin allows you to create skills that summon new actors not in the party into combat. A new version of this plugin will be making the plugin obsolete. If you have any feature...
  6. Sekunri

    Deployed Game "Now Loading"

    So I deployed my game for Windows and when i tried to run it I got Now Loading for about 20 minutes before I gave up. Is that normal? I clicked the radio button for Windows I checked Exclude unused files. I encrypted audio and images (as requested by Game Jam rules) and put an...
  7. Sekunri

    Labels vs Loops in common events?

    Not sure if this will get answered in time to fix it before Game Jam is over but I made a few common events with Labels in them and it seems like they aren't working. I was wondering why and if Loops would actually function in this equation. I'm going to proceed with finishing what I have...
  8. Sekunri

    Game Jam: The Mansion

    The Mansion Version 1.01 Alpha   So for my very first Game Jam and overall my first release ever I have this game to present to you all based loosely on the board game Clue. The game is unfortunately not in its final version. I have plans to further expand on the game I'm...
  9. Sekunri

    Hello GameMakers

    Hello everyone, I've already been here for a few days but I hadn't formally said hello. It's a pleasure to be on this community with you all and I hope we're all able to help each other in our goals. I also hope you all check out my games when they're finally done but due to my recent...
  10. Sekunri

    Changes happening At Battle Start

    Hello again. What I'm trying to do: I am trying to make events happen after a battle has been initiated but before items are drawn. I feel like I'm thinking too hard about it. I've gone over the code probably for too long at this point... so I'm going to take a break and wait to see what...
  11. Sekunri

    Assigning a user defined GameVariable & using its value in javascript

    So simply put I have things set up as follows @params: VariableToBeReferenced @desc @default: 5 I am using the following... though I've been uncertain about it. var params=PluginManager.parameters('MyPlugin') var VarNumber = Number(params['VariableToBeReferenced'] || 5); var...
  12. Sekunri

    Is Forcing a Formation Change possible?

    As the title suggests I am wondering if it is possible to force a change to the formation of actors in the overall party via any method. To clarify I don't want a players input in this decision. For example, I want to be able to force Actor 5 into Actor 4's position as a battle starts so that...

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