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  1. 3D VR technology, and Rpgmaker games.

    Has anyone played with the new VR headsets, like for PlayStation 4, nintendo , etc. They have 3D VR youtube videos of people playing games super mario 64, miku hatsune , super mario galaxy , doki doki literature club, banjo kazooie, etc. Just customize the player controls. 3d models aren't...
  2. Favorite YouTube Channels

    What are your favorite YouTube channels ? Who are your favorite YouTubers ? Also what about channels that do game reviews ? Share here. Mine are Ihazcupcake, the bike, Kizuna A.I., Wolfychu.
  3. Miku Miku Dance program

    Anyone play the Miku hatsune Dance program ? What were some of the videos you created?
  4. BEST WEBSITES, cool interesting things

    Rpgmaker is a great website that a lot more people should know about. What OTHER great WEBSITES Besides rpg maker do you know about, obscure websites especially ?.... What about YouTube channels ? Share...
  5. LUIGI'S MANSION Theories, Beta, Nostalgia

    Who Remembes Luig's Mansion on gamecube , one of the few Nintendo games starring luigi. Did you know there was BETA Version of this game . What are some of your Theories concerning this game ? Who were your favorite ghosts ...

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Ugh! I have a headache coming on--not sure if it's from the sudden change in weather or caffeine withdraw...only one way to fi d out--Coffee time!
Found this old picture in the plastic case with my medical documents. I don't remember who this character is (I draw a lot of original characters and forgot about them very soon), but I like the design, may be I'll add guy in my game.

reading what makes plugins tick, so you can use other plugins to trigger said plugin... setup up Luna MV to have my own custom ATB Gauges from Yanfly's ATB. cool
It's Easter on Monday. Anybody got any Easter quarantine eggs? It'll also be my birthday, I'll be 31.
Sometimes I feel like I'm using plugins feature the wrong way. But as long as it works tho.

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