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  1. fruitlapassion

    How do I start?

    Hello, all of you! I'm fruit, and a I'm newbie to this site. I'm working (or at least trying to) in a game *-* That's why, after clearing up my mind, I decided that I must learn scripting u.u  I am ready to multiple headaches learn! Now, the thing is...Where do I start? what exactly are "the...
  2. fruitlapassion

    Mirages -horror survival *recruiting*

    Salut, everybody! I'm here to ask help to those who, unlike me, actually know what they're doing when using rpg maker. I'm starting a new project, and I would like YOU to participate! Well then, let us begin! Title of the game; Mirages Genre; horror survival, puzzle. Sypnosis; You play as...
  3. fruitlapassion


    So chic, my title *o* can call me fruit ( does sound awful, huh...) I'm a little, little girl (ok,not that little D:) trying to create a game, an horror rpg game :B but... its just too much .-. too many...words...and computer programming...I don't know a thing about...

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