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  1. EclipseVRP

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    I'm sorry for replying pretty late, but you're losing me a bit. You said to grab a Character Sheet and grab a Weapon 1/2 and drag them to the Character. How do you do that? How do you open a Character Sheet? How do you get Weapons 1/2? How do you drag Weapons to Character? What I'm looking for...
  2. EclipseVRP

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    I'd appreciate anything you're able to send my way! The rest I can do on my own, thank you!
  3. EclipseVRP

    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    Hello, I may be posting this on the wrong Forum since I couldn't find a RPG Maker MV Forum, but I'll be posting it here in hopes that someone could help. So, to put what I'm asking for in simple words, I would like to know if there is a way for me to have Events to hold Weapons. I know there...

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