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  1. marsatche

    RMMV Big brother & little sisters in a post-war setting

    Yo fellas! I'm writing the story of mha protagonists, in hopes for some inspiration to make their skills in game. ((But mostly it's just for story ahaha~)) I need some writing advice — or rather, criticism, to keep my gear going. Because I'm an only child, I can barely attach myself to real...
  2. marsatche

    Is RMMV 1.6 and above unstable?

    So! What's your experience with it? Have you guys ever downgraded again? Is it actually unstable, or are these assumptions untrue? Should I fear it? I've seen some threads where people had problems adjusting their projects and whatnot after the update or getting the newest version on first...
  3. marsatche

    Resize sprite graphics based on region

    I've been using parallax maps. To emphasize the feeling of perspective, I need something that can rescale event sprites directly on the map. I'm gonna use regions as a trigger for the resizing. What I'm trying to avoid is to scale things manually with separate graphics. So far, the closest...

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