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  1. vonKrahe

    Titans of Laxus Team Recruitment

    Heey, I'm interested! What is your preferred name? vonKrahe Do you belong to a team? Kinda, I'm involved in some projects, but I usually work so fast with my compositions that I'm free most of the time. If you belong to a team, are you the "leader"? Usually no, but if the situation...
  2. vonKrahe

    Calling all Creators

    Hello! Is the spot for the music man taken? If not, I'm interested. Here you can listen to some of my music:
  3. vonKrahe

    RPGMaker VX Ace - Trials of Transcendence

    Hi! I'm quite interested in your project. I have some things to say, though: You require every member to be online to discuss about the game, but I'm from Brazil and you know, different time zones and all. I'm a composer, but I've never tried to make sound effects. I might give it a try, but...

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