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  1. Vaslow

    Animation play on player during battle.

    Sorry to ask this but the last time it was asked was 5 years ago. How can I get an animation to play on actors in side view battle without the use of plugins?
  2. Vaslow

    Monetizing mobile RPG MV games.

    I’m considering translating my game to Chinese and Vietnamese in order to sell to those markets however, knowing the preference for F2P games in Asia, I would like to add options for purchasing in game coins or partnering with some ad company. Would creating an in game cash shop be feasible in...
  3. Vaslow

    RMMV Star Battalion Terra

  4. Vaslow

    Plugin works in playtest but does not work after deployment

    Everything works as intended during playtest however the deployed version does not seem to be using the plugin properly. I'm using LNM_LightingTool plugin and do not get any errors during playtesting and during deployment. The plugin files are all there and I did not check the box to exclude...
  5. Vaslow

    Help with Faces

    Making a custom face templates similair to RTP faces. Something seems a little off with the face, I think it may be the eyes though I'm not sure how to fix it. What do you think of this walking animation? Ignoring the thickness of the legs, lack of eyes and hair. Are the legs and arms too...
  6. Vaslow

    Turn switch off when no longer touching event

    Hi, I’m hoping to create a campfire that will restore stats when the player is nearby. Yanfly has a plug-in that can expand event proximity but I’m not sure how to turn off the switch responsible for restoring stats when the player leaves the campfire. Is there a way to check if player is...
  7. Vaslow

    Yanfly event spawner spawn event at player XY

    when using the script call I can either give specific coordinates or a region where the event will be spawned. How can I get it to spawn at variables? I’d like the spawned item to be placed in front of the player.

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