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  1. Can Hime's Sync Save Data effect only predeternened savefiles?

    Im working with Orangeautosave plugin for well autosave. That on itself works. I save ones manually and store it into a variable for autosave on said fileslot. However i want to be able to save during combat. Using Orange's plugin however causes issues. Figured a way around that would be to...
  2. Autosave during combat.

    Im looking at the various autosave plugins that exist and while i did find one that does most of it the issue i keep having is that i cant seem to figure out how to make saveing during combat works(or if its even possible) I can interrupt events and such by making use of variables and switches...
  3. Yep-Attachable Augments/ItemUpgradeSlots and dropped items.

    Is it possible to have items drop that already has slots occupied by either plugin?
  4. Showing part of a variable(numbers)

    So i have a name stored into a variable. Lets say "Tomato" in variable 1. I am able to store part of it in variable 2 with $gameVariables.value(1)[0] and another in var 3 with $gameVariables.value(1)[3]. when i call var 2 and 3 in text it says ta. However when i put a number in variable 1 it...
  5. adding elemental damage to weapon/skills.

    Looking for a way to add elemental damage on top of whatever i already do. I know its not a very good explanation. better give a example instead, First thing comes to mind is stuff from games i used to play World of Warcraft. Weapon enchanted with Fiery. Swing with weapon deals: a.atk(pysical...
  6. How can i make states/weapon surpass statscap in Yanfly Base parameter control?

    im looking for a way to make my weapons/states enable me to surpass buildin max stats. im pretty sure that its possible but anything i tried didnt work... what im looking for is that if for example i drink a potion that grands +50 atk i actually want it to be +50 atk and not +5 due to cap of...
  7. Need some help on the Shop Window.

    Working on adding a extra window in the Shop Scene so i can show of the currencies i use in YanFly's Extra currency plugin so i can actually see all currencies i have. After couple of tutorials on how to do stuff and get everything in place i came to a point where it shows all i want it to...
  8. Yanfly Shopmenu(more currencies)

    Hello. Im not entirely sure if this is the correct thread to ask this but here goes. Im using Yanfly's ShopCore menu since i wanted to use the Extra Currency option one of the extension gives. When i open the shopmenu it still shows the default gold currency. How do i remove this since i only...
  9. Yanfly's Main Menu Manager

    I cant figure it out... The default given of Common Event 1. It is said to false so it doesnt show in my menu. What do i need to do to turn in on and then off again? I want it to be visable at some point but not always.
  10. How can i alter the successrate of a skill in the damage formula?

    Currently working on a damage formula: x = (Math.randomInt(20) + 1); if (x >= 20) { ((Math.randomInt(8) + 1) * 2) +((a.level / 5) + 2) +((a.atk - 10) /2);} else if (x + ((a.atk - 10) / 2) + ((a.level / 5) + 2) <= b.def) { 0 ; } else { (Math.randomInt(8) + 1) + ((a.atk - 10) / 2) + ((a.level /...
  11. Continues Maps

    In the past there was a addon called Continues Maps for RPG Maker XP. I realy like that addon. Any chance this or something simmilar could be done with a plugin?
  12. Teleport(Zoom) Plugin.

    Teleportation Plugin. V1.02. Author: Sagi007 A simply Plugin inspired by the Zoomspell from Dragonquest. Enabled/Disable location. Or add/remove them from sight. Currently set with 25 possible locations. Screenshot of layout of the Plugin.     Link to my plugin: Since i cant upload...
  13. Need help one last time(i hope)

    Lately ive bin wokring on a plugin. Got it even to a point where i can say it does everything i want it to be able too. if not for one thing. Ingame changes made cant be rememberd after you shutdown the game. Ive got my variables from the plugin: var Enabled1 = parameters['Enabled 1']; var...
  14. Cant remember given plugin commands

    im building a Plugin for Teleportation like Zoom in Dragonquests. like the older Teleport scripts i wanted to be capable having the choice as a selectable option or not and be capable of saying if they show up at all to begin with. So figured id use a Plugin Command to change their setting to...
  15. Game freezes after transport

    Scene_Teleport.prototype.Teleport = function() { SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map); $gamePlayer.reservetransfer(1, 8, 9); }; As it stands here it works but when i replace the numbers with there parameter versions where '1' is replaced with Map1 it still works. However when replace 8 or 9...
  16. Transfering player

    Its probebly the wrong forum to ask but still ill try.   Im want to know what i need to do to cause player transfer by scripting. i got my scene window mapID etc. All im lacking it the command to transfer. Thought i use the game_interpertrer code but to no avail...though that could be me...
  17. save script

    Hello atm im using the script: Teleportation  from Sdwlink. Ive modefied it to add 3th screen to a picture in there. Issue is i can only set one and have no idea how to make it work. What i want is to add a differend picture for each location. PS: ive looked a bit across forums and came...

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