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  1. PKayge

    Can you attach variables to store random data to weapons/armor?

    I'm trying to see if it's possible to create a similar weapon design system to FFTactics advance where you gain xp for a weapon while having it equipped. Then if you get enough XP you master the skill and can use that skill with different weapons. I can't figure out how to create a new actor...
  2. PKayge

    RMMZ Ideas to "build" new houses during gameplay?

    I'm trying to figure out how to come up with a Town Builder. Ideally I want the player to be able to spend resources and upgrade the main building. I thought I could do it with events using the tile display but then I'm left with buildings that have barren walls. So is there a way to modify...
  3. PKayge

    How do people partner up for projects on RPGM?

    I am finishing up a game and a friend who's playing it says it inspired him to work with RPG Maker again. He wanted to partner up on a project and see if it would be more efficient getting two people to work on it together and also keeping each other motivated. If we both have the same engine...
  4. PKayge

    Howdy, they call me PKayge

    Currently a banker by trade, but I've been delving more and more into game development lately and I really enjoy using the RPG Maker engine. Getting ready to put my first title up on steam and wanted to reach out about a couple things for clarification and see about reaching out to more folks...
  5. PKayge

    Do I need to put the RPG Maker license info in my copyright section of my page on steam?

    I'm getting ready to release a game on steam with RPGMaker VXAce and the Steamworks has a spot for copyright info. I did not use any DLC, or sources from outside RPG Maker. Is there a normal license agreement I need to include on my Store Page or is that strictly for any information as it...

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