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  1. erpicci

    RGSS: functional vs imperative

    Dear all, I'm relatively new to Ruby and I came up with this question: should I use a functional style as often as possible? Or the other way around? For instance, consider this piece of code (a function which skips spaces in front of a string). Which approach should I prefer, and why? def...
  2. erpicci

    Keyboard Text Input

    Text_Input 1.1 Author: erpicci Introduction This script allows the player to insert a medium-sized text by typing directly with the keyboard. Inserted text is returned as a string. Requires Neon Black's Keyboard Input Script to work. It is completely free, both for commercial and...
  3. erpicci

    Hi, I'm a cyborg

    Greetings, everybody! I used to play around with RPG Maker XP some years ago, but I had to stop 'cause of school. And lazyness. Now I'm back with VX Ace and I'm looking forward to joining some good team, although my free time is not that much :( I'm not the skilled one, not at all, but...

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