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  1. AnthonyBannachMusic

    Post Your Music

    Thanks! the program can be a pain in the butt some times to get working right, but it can make some pretty life-like singing if you persist with it! Your singing was great as well!
  2. AnthonyBannachMusic

    Post Your Music

    Hey all. Not all of my music is game oriented, in fact I mostly write a lot of classical pieces. If you are curious you can check out my youtube channel. Below is a piece I just finished recently for choir, and the audio is actually a virtual instrument called Symphonic Choirs, which has a...
  3. AnthonyBannachMusic

    FREE [PHANTASY FRONTIER ] Artwork/Music/Design

    If you need sound design help, I could do that too. I dont have much experience in that domain, but I do have an in-house studio, so experimenting on Logic Pro X is something I could offer in that context as well.
  4. AnthonyBannachMusic

    FREE [PHANTASY FRONTIER ] Artwork/Music/Design

    Hey, I'm Anthony, I primarily write classical music, but I'm looking to get into composing for some games, and I would love to be the composer for this. Here are some links to find out more about me: link removed by mod If you are interested in seeing a broader profile of my work just go on...
  5. AnthonyBannachMusic

    New Composer for Projects/Saying Hello!

    Hey everybody I'm Anthony Bannach!  I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Music Composition, and now I'm trying to get a freelance career started while I teach English in Shanghai area as a day job until I get more momentum with this career. I've already scored a feature length film called The...

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