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  1. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

    WIP Still working on bar tiles, some doors, clutter. (I love me some clutter :o)
  2. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

    Just an update, not finished but this is one of the interfaces I'm making for my portfolio thing, basically it'll be scripted/evented and shared as a free resource with a demo. <3 Long way off, but the next update will have some sci-fi/alien bar resources. (Thanks, Skurge!)
  3. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

  4. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

    Absolutely! I'm also working on a pack that'll help people put together their own styles and such. Basically it has a base with interchangeable layers to change colours, textures, effects etc of any of my original content, so furniture, walls, floor, windows, door, etcetc.  I wont know how...
  5. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

    Oop! Completely forgot the t&C. Free to use, commercial or otherwise, no credit needed. <3 Glad you guys like them!
  6. Syrubis

    MV Tiles/Edits/Misc

    Some new tiles and bits and bobs I'm working on.

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