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  1. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    You had right! I'm Sorry xD But I'm wondering why before it works with the arrow keys, but when I use the Mouse then it won't work?
  2. (Yanfly Plugin: Item Core)

    I was really blind :O thx for your help. Thread can be closed
  3. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Really nice Plugin :) I found something: If you stay on the bridge and u use the touch interface from a smartphone, than u can jumpt from region tile 16 to region tile 17. Am I to stupid to use it right or is it like this?
  4. For the love of god, I can't make under and over bridges for the life of me

    Best tipp ever. I didn't do this step with Shift-Rightklick to copy the borders <(^.^<).....(>^.^)>
  5. (Yanfly Plugin: Item Core)

    Hi all I'd Like to make the Game full in German. So how can I rename the "use" and "Augments" in the picture below? I guess I founded the Augments, but i dont know where I should change the "use" Thanks for ur Help :)
  6. Name Input

    @Andar Is there a possibility to display a backspace button or to change a unused letter to backspace? I'm looking for a few days and i didn't found any solutions (plugins, google, this forum) I Ask because id like to use this feature for mobile devices and at the moment i cant delete a...

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