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  1. lumenacht

    enemy automatically escapes when state is applied?

    I want to have it so that when a certain state is applied to an enemy, they automatically escape from battle(in game there's a "calm" status, i want it so that when the state is applied the enemy "calms down" and the fight ends). The way I've tried to do this is by using the "state" condition...
  2. lumenacht

    certain merchants can only be sold certain types of items?

    i want to have it so that merchants that only sell X type of item can only by sold X type of item in return, ie equipment vendor can only be sold equipment, item vendor can only be sold items.
  3. lumenacht

    RMMZ how to make battle effects a gif instead of particle effects?

    i want to have a skill animation that is a simple picture being drawn over the enemy, which i have a gif of. ideally i'd just be able to choose my gif and play it as the effect, but since rpgmaker mz only accepts efkefc files and(i think???) those have to be particle effects i'm at a dead end...
  4. lumenacht

    how to give item multiple names?

    I want to have a shop where the merchant speaks Spanish, so everything you can buy from or sell to her has a Spanish name, but when the item is in your inventory it has an English name. Is there an easy way to do this?
  5. lumenacht

    RMMZ how to make a sprite/face change when under a state?

    when a character is poisoned or sleeping or whatever i want their portrait to change to reflect that. originally i was going to have a common variable that changed their portrait whenever they were under a state but that doesn't seem to be an option. i would also like to have this available for...

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