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  1. caethyril

    Bug Audio does not pause when game loses focus

    Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.4.0). Edit 2021-12-09: as of v1.4.0, Effekseer pauses when the game is out of focus, but audio does not. The thread title and content have been updated to reflect this. (This thread was previously titled "Audio + Effekseer do not pause...
  2. caethyril

    Bug Restore move route - index skip

    Edit: this bug is fixed in v1.2.1 of the core scripts. Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.2.0). Description Events can have an auto move route assigned. If given an "active" route, e.g. via the Set Movement Route command, the auto route will be restored when the active one...
  3. caethyril

    Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMZ Plugins Updated 2022-03-21: CaeF_PauseFix Looking for RPG Maker MV plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made some plugins for RPG Maker MZ! Here's a list of them with brief feature descriptions. The dates are when each plugin was last updated. For plugins marked script...
  4. caethyril

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMV Plugins Updated 2021-11-16: General - Cae_MenuDisplayOpts v1.2 Looking for RPG Maker MZ plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made a variety of plugins for RPG Maker MV but most of them are quite small/simple, so don't really merit their own thread. This is a intended as a...
  5. caethyril

    Line of Sight

    Line of Sight by caethyril Note This plugin is not designed for use with looping maps or with any plugins that alter tile-based movement (e.g. pixel movement). It does not offer any visual effects. Warning :kaoeh: This plugin may fail to trace sight correctly in some circumstances! You are...
  6. caethyril

    Tile Animation Rate

    Tile Animation Rate by caethyril Update! :kaojoy: I now have one big thread for all my plugins, including an enhanced version of this one: Features :kaohi: This is a small plugin that will allow you to adjust how...

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