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  1. Cloak

    Heh, um. I've spent $1500~ so far for my game. Most of that went into purchasing some software I...

    Heh, um. I've spent $1500~ so far for my game. Most of that went into purchasing some software I need, as well as some commissions. But still, I didn't realize I had spent so much since the beginning of October. Do not trust me with money, lol.
  2. Cloak

    How did you find out about RPG Maker?

    Hmm, I've always been aware of RPG Maker. I only just started using it last month though because when I was thinking about my game, I was trying to find the perfect engine that would be able to deliver on the game that I imagined perfectly. So far, RPG Maker is the best candidate for that. It...
  3. Cloak

    Who else is making a game set in the modern world?

    Ah, my horror game will be set in modern day suburban America. I feel like it's either that or another idea I have of a game taking place during WW1, but with a bit of fantasy mixed in.
  4. Cloak

    Things in RPGs that annoy you.

    Yeah, that's why I haven't given the Fire Emblem series or other games like XCOM 2 a shot either. I feel like it would be very stressful to try and manage all of your characters, and all of that work you put into them just evaporates because of something you couldn't control or predict. However...
  5. Cloak

    Feedback is Garbage and you Should Ignore 90% of it!

    Most of my feedback so far has been pretty positive, although given that they're coming from friends it could be skewed in my favor lol. With that said, I've sometimes found myself incorporating certain ideas I like from inputs that I've received from them. It's always nice to see how someone...
  6. Cloak

    What are the absolute best stealth games?

    I really like any stealth games that allow you go to full non-lethal the entire playthrough, so the MGS series, Dishonored, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist were one of my absolute favorite stealth games. I always wanted to play the first State of Decay as well, but I never got around to it. I...
  7. Cloak


    *Gasp* It's a lurker! A dime a dozen! Hello! I've been browsing these forums for a good month(ish) now, and I figured it's time to make an account and introduce myself. I've always been interested in RPG Maker Games (particularly horror), but that interest has been spiking lately as I've wanted...

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Going to try my luck with Rust programming language. C++ is just way too gosh darn frustrating.
Phew. Finally fixed all of the tileset and event issues in this demo. And now, it's time to release another, finished game. Stay tuned!
you know, since learning C [;)] I've grown to love VC and OpenGL :D
Welp. Just updated the biplane sprite-sheet with the missing "North" and "South" positions. Really digging the old 1920's aircraft designs as of late. Shame they're not in "vogue" anymore. They had style. I wasn't planning on making an Air Mail-centric game but now it is getting awful tempting.

found out the names of all the window's used in Yanfly's Victory Aftermath plugin and came up with some designs for them.

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