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  1. arekpowalan

    [RPG Maker MV] Damage Formula for 3-digit HP battle system

    The default RPG Maker MV uses a 4-digit HP battle system where your characters go up to 9999 HP and 999 stats. As such the default formula for damage formula for attacks, skills, and healing spells have been designed to accommodate Final Fantasy-like games. However, I would like to make a game...
  2. arekpowalan

    Can you interpret these personalities into Zodiac Signs?

    I would like to have answers to the following assessment. These 12 people exhibit traits that may or may not represent characteristics or symbolism of the western zodiac signs (Aries to Pieces). If there's anybody who is well-verse in astrology or literary symbolism, please see if these people...
  3. arekpowalan

    Can I tint the screen without tinting events?

    I have been trying to use "Tint Screen..." command to create an atmospheric dungeon when I get into a problem: As the screen turns dark, the player character as well as anything that should be visible for exploration are also darkened. While I don't mind darkened area, I don't want the player...
  4. arekpowalan

    How can I compare multiple variables at once?

    First, let me elaborate. I am doing an event where when a specific dialogue appears based on the competition of multiple variables for the highest or a specific ranking. This is because my game is operated by a dating sim mechanic with an "affection point". For example, when cut scene plays to...
  5. arekpowalan

    Which website do you use to post pictures on forums?

    I used Photobucket and Imageshack for sharing my images in forums for many years, but recently they no longer allow a free account to post anything on the 3rd party sites like blogs and personal websites anymore. This is problematic as I am trying to get back into an RPG Maker community after...
  6. arekpowalan

    A minority as one of the main characters, Yay or Nay?

    This poll is created in an attempt to determine the significance of JRPG characters in the modern game making's standard which have "unconventional" physical, racial, and personality designs within the game's setting. Ths kind of character in question is designed as an important or playable...
  7. arekpowalan

    Basic Character Creation in an RPG

    Basic Character Creation in a Role-Playing Game (RPG) A role playing game (RPG) in general emphasizes on narratives and interactions between characters and a player. Characters become the most important element in every RPG as they are responsible to deliver the story, and gameplay mechanics...
  8. arekpowalan

    [Question] What would you do in this situation

    I need a few opinions on how to construct a plot. What I want you to do is rather simple. Read and imagine yourself in the following situation, and then you come up with a creative sulution to it. Here goes: ---------- The setting is a fantasy world with sword and sorcery: You are a...
  9. arekpowalan

    Simple Recolored (Minecarts and Switches)

    I, ughh... I'm back. After a long absence, I made it back because I got some motivation as I started an RM blog. So, I would like to share some resources I made recently. Minecarts Switches Import them via the maker's "Import" command. It should let you delete the backgrounds. They are...

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