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  1. Julian16

    Late introduction

    I'm also new here, looking forward to watching you growing and creating something really original! Wishing you all the best!
  2. Julian16

    A symphonic poem composed by me

    sounds pretty amazing! well-done
  3. Julian16

    Draw This Again!

    why are you so talented all? tell me guys, how can you be so talented?
  4. Julian16

    How to gift RPG maker MV to a friend without steam?

    Guys, is this function available? I've already purchased my friend the other gift. To tell you the truth, I'm really bad at choosing suitable presents. My friends have already get used to it. Moreover, they usually say what they'd like to receive and it's far better than buying a present without...

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Going to try my luck with Rust programming language. C++ is just way too gosh darn frustrating.
Phew. Finally fixed all of the tileset and event issues in this demo. And now, it's time to release another, finished game. Stay tuned!
you know, since learning C [;)] I've grown to love VC and OpenGL :D

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