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  1. ZackNH

    MV - What is "[1111/] locale_file_path.empty()"?

    Back in July I made a post about how after almost 850 hours of using MV (on Steam, Windows 10) it suddenly stopped launching. I eventually became so disheartened that I stopped trying to fix it. Recently I discovered the debug.log file and how these warnings pop-up every time I try to launch MV...
  2. ZackNH

    Can't open MV at all anymore

    There was a Windows 10 update yesterday, and now MV won't open. It shows the splash screen like normal but when it disappears the actual program doesn't start and Steam says it's no longer running. The update didn't affect VX Ace or any other programs/games I have, just MV. WHAT I TRIED: 1...
  3. ZackNH

    Special death animations?

    I know I can edit the sprite sheet to change the death pose, but what I mean is that when a Side View Actor dies there will be some special animation like bursting into smoke and disappearing or turning into dust. If I edit the sprite sheet it'll loop the 3 frames, and that's not what I want. A...
  4. ZackNH

    Way to make this complicated ability work?

    In the game I'm making, one of the party members is a carnivorous shape-shifting monster that takes the form of a human. She has a bite ability that absorbs HP, but there are skeletons, plants, and other such enemies without meat on them. I want the attack to do damage to those enemies without...
  5. ZackNH

    Force characters to wear SOMETHING?

    I'm not talking about Lock Equip, I mean that if a character has nothing in a slot, they'll automatically equip a default item. I don't want to make a chain of Condition Branches in Common Events to account to EVERY piece of armor that can go in that slot because that would be really tedious...
  6. ZackNH

    Abilities that get more effective vs low health enemies?

    Is there a way (or a script that allows for it) to make an attack that become more effective vs enemies with low HP? I have three types in mind: 1. An ability that does more damage. 2. An Execute that can instantly kills an enemy that's below a certain percentage threshold. 3. An abilitiy that...
  7. ZackNH

    MV: Minimize-Maximize-Close bar gone

    This is a picture of the top of my screen when I open MV. You may notice that the 3 buttons at the top-right corner are missing. Is this a glitch, or is there a keyboard command that causes this? No other program I open has this problem. Here it is in Firefox. Perfectly normal.
  8. ZackNH

    Jet's Stealth Script, help

    I made a post about this 2 weeks ago, one of my issues was fixed, but my main ones were never resolved. I tried bumping the post, but it was ignored, probably because people just assumed that the problem had already been taken care of, or that someone else was already resolving it. No one else...
  9. ZackNH

    I need help understanding this script

    I'm new to the forum, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I've been trying to put stealth into an RPG Maker VX Ace game using this script by Jet10985, but I'm having trouble with it. For some odd reason, events won't detect anything directly in their line of sight. If I'm...

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