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  1. KittRen

    Issues With Vehicles

    Hello! I'm going to try to ask this question as clearly as possible. In my game, I have 2 vehicles, the first is a 'whale'(ship) that you can use to explore the ocean, while the other is a ridable creature (which varies based on what creature you choose to ride) and that is the 'boat' and I'm...
  2. KittRen

    Galv's Simple Crops Issue

    Hello! I was thrilled this plugin existed since in Ace I had made a very lengthy 99 page event for crops that I didn't want to have to remake for MV... However, there were a few things I wanted to make happen-- 1. Plants only grow when watered 2. Plants are watered when it rains 3. Seeds are...
  3. KittRen

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, thought I might go ahead and introduce myself! I've been using RPG Maker since 2014 now, and I really love making art for the games. I'm hoping to post some resources soon to give back to the community that has helped me so much! I'm an artist, an avid gamer, a cat...

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