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  1. Eventing Tutorial for Creating custom Text Windows

    I didn't notice that part before ( -_-") Although it could be done by using pre-made pictures I was just thinking if the snapshot could be shrunk to a certain percentage and be used as a window background for producing a camera effect.
  2. Eventing Tutorial for Creating custom Text Windows

    I know that this is a tutorial for text windows but since you mentioned the background snapshot when entering scenes I'd like to ask a question about it. How would you use that snapshot as a background for a window.  Is it Graphics.snap_to_bitmap? If yes, how should it be used? If no, how...
  3. Does anyone here know what and where can i get the script used in

    Does anyone here know what and where can i get the script used in
  4. Mouse System

    Choices in menus can still be clicked even when the mouse cursor is not over the highlighted choice by the menu cursor.  Could you make it possible to have it check if the cursor is within the rectangle of the highlighted choice? EDIT:  Pathfinding also gets messed up after loading a saved game.
  5. Uhm... why does it need to be taken out in the first place?

    Uhm... why does it need to be taken out in the first place?
  6. Examine event tile three times before you get an item?

    This can also be achieved by using 3 self switches. The event should contain 4 pages Page 1 - No condition, contains text that you want, Self Switch A = ON Page 2 - Condition: Self Switch A is ON, contains text that you want, Self Switch A = OFF, Self Switch B = ON Page 3 - Condition: Self...
  7. Pearl ABS + Tool Common Events

    Do you just want the dagger to be seen flying away from the player?  If yes, do the ff. changes to weapon 72's weapon tags: User Graphic = nil User Anime Speed = 30 Tool Cooldown = 0 Tool Graphic = nil                   <-- change nil to the graphic of the dagger Tool Index = 0 Tool Size...
  8. Teleport to a specific location after random encounter instead of game over

    If your goal is to teleport the player to a specific place through common event, you'll be able to pull it off with Yanfly's Death Common Event.
  9. player position

    Would it be possible if you just set... or Which one would be correct?
  10. RPG maker vx ace sprite help

    When you say build, do you also mean create? If so, would this be what you are looking for? And what actually do you mean by modern style?
  11. Pet Follow But Not Battle

    Would this be what you are looking for? That script doesn't just let you have a pet as a follower but you can also command it to do stuff.
  12. How to make them look at you?

    Make use of LoS and the "Set Move Route - Turn toward Player" command.  Maybe add another "invisible" event in a town map which contains conditional branches that checks the player's distance from each individual event.  If the player is close enough to an event, "Set Move Route - Turn toward...
  13. Memorable Choices

    You can refer to this: It also covers other basic tutorials that people sometimes (ok, most of the time) overlook.
  14. One Use Per Battle Spells

    I tried this one and it worked just fine.  If the method above does not suffice as an alternative try this one: - Add $game_switches[x] = true; to the skill's formula and make the state and common event below as its features - Make a "Seal" state that seals the skill above - Create a common...
  15. One Use Per Battle Spells

    Why not try changing the character's class that has a feature "seal skill"?  Make the skill call a common event that changes your actor's class with another identical class that seals the skill itself. Haven't tried this method but I think that it would work (in theory).
  16. How Do I make an Action RPG in RMVXA

    It is possible to achieve a Zelda-like game by using ABS scripts.  Here are some of the well-known ABS scripts: XAS, Falcao's Pearl, ans SAS IV.  There's Blasphemia but I had no luck in locating that script which leads me to the assumption that it does not exist anymore. I may be wrong, though.
  17. Step Trigger HELP (sorry if this isn't the right thread)

    1 - Set the floor event to below character (and through if you don't want it to block other events' movements) 2 - Player touch trigger 3 - Make a "Move Route" 4 - Put @balloon_id = # (where # is an integer corresponding to the balloon number)      e.g. @balloon_id = 1 is exclamation(?)  ...
  18. I really need help to change settings for item's description

    For the font size reduction, put the code (like the one used in the show message) in the description.  I've tried using \v[x] to show a variable's value and it works which would also apply to the other codes. For the number of lines, you'll need to edit the script.  It's somewhere in the...
  19. I am new at Developing in RM Maker...

      A script that let's the player fly exists and I think the one Andar is mentioning is Galv's Superman Ability.  You can enable or disable the flying ability with the use of a switch which you will indicate in the script and it's easy to use. If you encounter problems or have questions about...
  20. Filipino RMers? anyone? =)

    I'v been wondering for a while on how many Filipinos are using RM.  It turns out that there's a lot of us here. I can't really help with project making because I am struggling on my own project.  Quarter term really is fast-paced.  I can't even have a decent time with game development.

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