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  1. Psykai

    Auto Substitute Specific Party Member?

    Hello all, it's been a while! I recently made the transition from VX Ace to MV and began making a sort of 'practice project' as something short and sweet for my friends to play. However despite finding the new plugins system miles better than VX Ace's scripts, I can't seem to quite find what...
  2. Psykai

    Certain A2 Tiles Have Become Impassable

    Greetings! I've been in the process of remaking my game from the ground up, using most of the resources I was in the previous version but with whole new map layouts and more efficient event design and all that. I have run into a rather unexpected and frustrating problem in which one of my...
  3. Psykai

    Issue with Yanfly Party Select and Required Members

    Greetings! One of my favourite scripts is this one as it comes close to replicating Suikoden's system of being able to talk to an NPC to change your party. However I'm having some problems that I'm unsure as to why they're occuring. The script can be found here...
  4. Psykai

    Way to Make DoT Effects Differ for Enemies?

    Hey ^_^ So I ran into a minor problem that I think I might need a small script to fix. I have an 'On Fire' state that most fire spells have a chance of inflicting. It deals more damage over time than Poison, but unlike Poison, it will be removed after X number of turns or X number of steps...
  5. Psykai

    Dealing with Cutscenes and Character Variety?

    Hey! So I've been trying to wrap my head around cutscenes and I'm coming up with walls. My game has a main character (as most do) and a wide variety of cast that can be recruited. Also like most games, the player can shift the order of the party around to suit their preference, and my game also...
  6. Psykai

    Hime's Movement Speed: Make Followers Keep Up?

    I recently installed Him'es Movement Speed script, found here: It's great and really helps to add a unique flair to each character, with the mages being slower than the physical fighters and so on. The problem is, the...
  7. Psykai

    Win Battle if All Enemies Have State?

    I say it everytime "Hopefully this will be simple enough" and it never is, lol. Let's see if today's any different! My game has a character with the ability to calm and tame animals and what I want is a way for the player to win a battle if the animal tamer calms the enemies down rather than...
  8. Psykai

    Ability That Damages Actor TP and Restores Enemy HP?

    Hey it's me again with hopefully an easy fix question :) TP in my game is called Friendship (gee, I wonder what franchise my game is based on....) and I have an enemy (Changelings) who feed off of Friendship. What I want is for their ability 'Drain Friendship' to deal damage to the target...
  9. Psykai

    Make Game Only Recognize ACTIVE Party?

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this since it's kind of a script edit/request. One of my game's gimmicks is the ability to recruit and collect a lot of characters. Whenever you earn a new character, I use the 'Add Party Member' command. Naturally you can only use 4 characters in...
  10. Psykai

    Create event that inflicts a Status on random BATTLE Party Member?

    Apologies for the confusing title but I wasn't quite sure how to phrase it, lol. This might also require to be in the script support depending on how this problem has to be solved but with this particular situation I'd rather not mess with scripts. I just added a new area to my project which...
  11. Psykai

    Skill That Targets a Random Unit?

    Hey guys, hopefully this is a simple one. I was pondering a new character to add to one of my projects who is a kind of 'clutsy mage' but it solely depends on whether I can simply accomplish a targeting idea. The concept is that her spells will have high damage and critical potential, however...
  12. Psykai

    How to Get Monsters Flying Overhead in Map?

    Hey, so hopefully this is a small thing and honestly I don't even mind if it can't be figured out, but I'm using an outdoor area for my first 'dungeon' in my game and I wanted to have some bats occasionally fly across the screen whilst the player was roaming around. Unfortunately I got...
  13. Psykai

    How Can I Recreate Zidane's 'Protect Girls' Ability?

    Yeah that's probably the last title you expected to read today. As mentioned in another topic, my game features lots of random cameos as playable characters and I'm priding myself in recreating them as faithfully as possible and one of the new ones I'm adding is Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy...
  14. Psykai

    Regen Health on a Kill?

    Hey! Hopefully this should be a simple thing but I'm having trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for. My game is kind of lighthearted with lots of characters from multiple franchises so you can create your dream team and all kinds of crazy combinations. My latest addition is Nightmare from...
  15. Psykai

    Switch Won't Turn On for Seemingly No Reason

    Greetings! I've encountered a very frustrating problem that has come out of nowhere and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it. My game works a little like the old Mario games in that there's a 'world' screen with portals which you walk over and select in order to play levels...
  16. Psykai

    Error When Selecting Item

    I was hoping not to have to post again so soon but the minions of RPG Maker Hell have once again spewed forth another unexplained glitch. Thankfully this time I know exactly which script is causing it. It's the 'Target One Ally (Not The User)' script by Sixth. Which I'll provide below: =begin...
  17. Psykai

    Game Freezing in Battle

    Welp, so begins a new project and so begins a new series of annoying bugs that make me regret ever considering Game Design as a hobby... Today's tyrant? Freezing. I've been trying to figure this out for the last few hours and I'm at a total loss. Essentially, my game keeps freezing during...
  18. Psykai

    Compability Issue with Yanfly's Core and Hime's Pre-Skill Effects

    Greetings, I hope I'm in the right place for this. If not I apologize :( I ended up in a rather frustrating situation when trying to add a hidden boss to my post-game. I thought it would be cool to have a cutscene in the middle of the battle where a character shows up (using Show Picture)...
  19. Psykai

    How Can I Make "Change Enemy HP" Show the Numbers?

    Greetings once again! Today I'm here with (hopefully) a much simpler issue. I'm designing a secret boss fight and am pulling out all the stops to make it epic! Half way through the fight, I'm having a cutscene play out where a character shows up (in the form of Show Image) delivers a cool...
  20. Psykai

    Shapeshifting Skill Causing Problems When Switching Actors

    Greetings! I'm new to RPG Maker and the forums. I have read the rules and will try my best to provide as much info as I can for you but please forgive me if it's not perfect! ^_^ I have been designing a very short (single-dungeon) little game to help me learn the program before I work on...

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