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  1. Queerpg

    Venka Crafting Script 3.8 with Item Hues

    Hi all, I'm looking for an item icon hue/color changing script that works with Venka's Crafting Script 3.8 as I need to color change ores/bars icons to be different colors for crafting tiers. At the moment I have Modern Algebras Icon Hues script but it's clashing with the icon hues call part of...
  2. Queerpg

    Can I make crops grow after cycle of in game clock?

    Hey friends, so I've tried a few things but none of them have worked. Is there a way of making crops grow after my Days Variable adds +1? (Eg, crops grow the next morning, like in games such as Stardew Valley & Harvest Moon) Such as, once Days Variable = +1 then run below script at the moment...
  3. Queerpg

    Front view battle system?

    Hey friends, I'm wanting to upgrade the battle system of my vx ace game as the base system is super basic (even just something with animated enemies or critical hits, etc.) However all of the scripts I'm finding (such as yanflys) have been taken off of dropbox or websites. Are there any scripts...
  4. Queerpg

    Easy script: storage up to 4 items not working help

    I'm sure this is a very easy fix but I'm way too tired to figure it out right now and I need to complete this tonight aha. I have a bucket that the player can store fish in and take fish out of again, up to 4 fish. If you put 4 fish in however, the script stops working. It displays"there are...
  5. Queerpg

    Changing background music on multiple maps after event

    Yo! So I have a boss battle where afterwards the island starts shaking and falling apart. I want to change all of the background music (Boss battle map, exit boss battle map, island map & inside houses maps) to something more intense before the player character escapes, but not sure how to do...

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