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  1. Camelslayer

    Yanfly's JP Manager- Subclass JP Patch

    As you may be aware, Yanfly has a JP Manager that can be used in conjunction with the Learn Skill Engine and Class System. The Class System has the potential to have Primary Classes and Subclasses, however the JP Manager is only set up to provide JP to the Primary Class; the Subclass otherwise...
  2. Camelslayer

    YAN Ace Battle Engine- Animation Problems

    Script Link So, this is less of a bug, and more of a major annoyance I have with the engine. I have animations that hit all enemies, but display the effect on targets individually. By default, VXA will display the animations on all enemies, and then deal damage. The Ace Battle Engine, however...
  3. Camelslayer

    Battle Symphony- Dual Wielding Problems

    I'd like to first note that getting Battle Symphony is a bit of a struggle these days, so I can't really provide an accurate link to the script. If absolutely need be, I can put it here. Anyway, Battle Symphony has... unusual problems with dual wielding. Rather than playing both animations and...
  4. Camelslayer

    Bonus Racial Damage

    I was looking through the Tag Manager to see if there was any way to do this, however I didn't find anything. Nor did I after a while of searching. So, figured I'd ask here. General Idea Simple- many games feature weapons that deal bonus damage versus certain enemy types. For example, a silver...
  5. Camelslayer

    Equipment Restrictions Not Working?

    So, in my game, I have multiple classes. Obviously, each class can use certain weapons- for example, fighters can use axes, whereas mages can use wands. For some reason I've been unable to figure out, however, everyone seems to be able to use everything. Fighters can use weapons they shouldn't...

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