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  1. PoptartPresident

    Did the very first thing you started making turn into a game?

    Hahhaha yes this was exactly me! When I created Watchful Valley, I didn't know I was creating Watchful Valley until much later. It all started with just playing around with RPG Maker's interface. I still remember, I had the application open while watching some SomeRandomDude's tutorials on a...
  2. PoptartPresident

    How to add animated images/sprites?

    Sure! There's a wide variety of ways to add custom animations, but based on your saying of "Small animations", I'm thinking along the lines of things like door opening and pushing animations in the Overworld sprites. For main characters, you'll have to use the option "Change Actor Images" on...
  3. PoptartPresident

    How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    Considering I made my 1st game ever with RPG Maker just about a year ago, I have no regrets. Yes of course there's mistakes in the dialogue and sometimes it was even cheesy (at least I think so). But I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world since it taught me the basics of RPG Maker's...
  4. PoptartPresident

    How do I...utilize a spritesheet that goes "past" the 48 x 48 tile grid in regards to positioning?

    Context: I'm current updating my "finished" game with more reworked sprites so it looks nicer. One of my sprites involves scooping up water with a bucket. In this screenshot here, I have the 48 x 48 tiles references in those background squares. What I want to happen is that when the player...
  5. PoptartPresident

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    I saw it while there! Hah! It was so awesome seeing you guys play it, even if just for an hour and a half. I also really appreciate the criticism with my maps. I will surely keep some of the things you told me during the stream in mind for the future.
  6. PoptartPresident

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    I'd love to see someone play my game haha. Link's in my signature just below this post
  7. PoptartPresident

    Localizing sounds

    I believe so! Are you referring to audio cues that are played in certain "areas" and not others? (For instance, left side has a sound that right side doesn't play). If you're referring to that, then there is a very easy feature on RPG Maker you can use under the Sounds/BMG menu called "Pan"...
  8. PoptartPresident

    Battles: What is fun with it?

    I think that while battles aren't as important as the others have stated already above...I do think something that makes battles themselves more interesting is.... Interesting/Quirky Mechanics. Not necessarily the classic party member tropes like tank, mage, etc...but I mean like, having...
  9. PoptartPresident

    is there a way i can make a character go through this and it not look like they went over it?

    You have to separate your door tile from that "above-piece" in your tile sheet. What's happening is this: Since your tile is "star", it takes that entire door asset you currently have of everything inside that tile (including that above-piece), and makes it to where the characters go under that...
  10. PoptartPresident

    is there a way i can make a character go through this and it not look like they went over it?

    I'm a little confused on what exactly you're asking for! Are you asking how to make it where, when the character goes through your door, the character doesn't just "phase" through the top portion of the door? In a case like that, you'd have to make it to where that specific part of the door is...
  11. PoptartPresident

    Tutorial-Blog Making a Minion-Summoning Boss

    Awesome! I've always loved the idea of a cowardly boss or leader that just sends all the big tough minions to fight for them. Dunno why. It's interesting to see what they have to say or what they do in battle on their own I suppose!
  12. PoptartPresident

    Anthro Stuff?

    Sure! I would suggest that you try to learn how to make the pixel art in order to make your fox character, or ask the forums here under art resources to get it. (That, or some form of photoshop skills in tiny graphics also works). In order to actually import the sprites you want to use, you'll...
  13. PoptartPresident

    common event through item not working.

    I've done lots of item-common-event related things in my game! I think I can help you. When you created your item, and it's respective common event, did you make sure the item under the item database was linked to your common event? Sometimes I found that I had forgotten to link the actual...
  14. PoptartPresident

    I want my NPC to stay in location even after I entered and exited a house

    Hi! I don't know if you're open to using Plugins, but for stuff like this, I had to use Yanfly's Save Event Location plugin. If you install this plugin, then all you have to do is place the tag: <Save Event Location> in the event's notetag page at the top. This will make it to where the...
  15. PoptartPresident

    Things you're proud of in your game

    As someone who's started about 1.5 years ago not knowing how RPG Maker's engine even finishing a completed game...I'd say just the fact that I even completed a game is remarkable in of itself. Now for the rest of my life, I can factually tell myself and others who ask, "I have made a...
  16. PoptartPresident

    For you what is the most frustating thing about making a RPG maker game?

    For me in general, it's RPG Maker's basic movement. Being confined to a 4 directional movement grid as well as the actual controls themselves being slightly delayed....(you cannot run to the left and then immediately run to the right since there's usually a very slight delay...of choppy...
  17. PoptartPresident

    Pushable events still making sounds even when they can no longer move.

    Here's a solution without any need for plugins or scripting! In the corner, create an invisible (through) event on a parallel process. In the parallel event, create 2 new variables. Rock X, Rock Y. Next, go to Control Variables, and make it to where Rock X is set to Map X of the Rock event...
  18. PoptartPresident

    RMMV Directly Accessing Your Game's Code (RPG Maker MV)

    Yes hello! If you go to your RPG Maker files folder for your game, and go navigate to "js", that is where all the javascript code should be. There's a variety of files to access here, but there should be things like rpg_core.js, main_js, etc... That is where all of the engine's core scripts...
  19. PoptartPresident

    RMMV Do you like when RPG games explain monster existence?

    I voted yes, but I want to add that it heavily depends on the context of the game. A game containing a swamp area, and there's swamp creatures you have to fight? Ehh, I could get by without thinking too hard about it. I probably wouldn't be interested in that. Not unless the swamp is a huge...

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