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  1. arekpowalan

    How do you guys come up with fantasy names?

    Mythical names usually can be traced for their origins and aren't just coming from nowhere. Tolkien, for example, based most of the things in his novel from Norse mythology. The allegory to Norse myth is also related to the themes of the original myth and how he portrayed his characters: the...
  2. arekpowalan

    Assets: Better to make your own?

    If you do a non-commercial or a training project, you can do whatever you want. My first crappy Rm2k3 project used all sorts of SNES rips that came bundled with the Thai translated Rm2k3 package to compensate for my lack of skill in spriting and composing. It was fun despite the horrible...
  3. arekpowalan

    [RPG Maker MV] Damage Formula for 3-digit HP battle system

    The default RPG Maker MV uses a 4-digit HP battle system where your characters go up to 9999 HP and 999 stats. As such the default formula for damage formula for attacks, skills, and healing spells have been designed to accommodate Final Fantasy-like games. However, I would like to make a game...
  4. arekpowalan

    "This is great for an RPG Maker game"

    The main issue is that many people make cheap games and put them on Steam. There are hundred of games being post there and most of them either look the same or use sexy images to sell the games instead of presenting interesting games. On the other hand, Kemco were infamous for pumping out dozen...
  5. arekpowalan

    Things to avoid in your game

    Losing health by doing for minor actions Lunar Dragon Song achieved one of the most mind-boggling penalties by not only limiting your running stamina, but also reducing HP when the character becomes tired. Not only this doesn't make sense for an adventurer, but it makes navigating towns and...
  6. arekpowalan

    Can you interpret these personalities into Zodiac Signs?

    I would like to have answers to the following assessment. These 12 people exhibit traits that may or may not represent characteristics or symbolism of the western zodiac signs (Aries to Pieces). If there's anybody who is well-verse in astrology or literary symbolism, please see if these people...
  7. arekpowalan

    Can I tint the screen without tinting events?

    I have been trying to use "Tint Screen..." command to create an atmospheric dungeon when I get into a problem: As the screen turns dark, the player character as well as anything that should be visible for exploration are also darkened. While I don't mind darkened area, I don't want the player...
  8. arekpowalan

    Fleeing from battles(And their consequences)

    The natural consequence of fleeing a battle is not getting EXP and money. I did that all the time when I was a kid and I had problems beating bosses and buying equipment. In case of Final Fantasy IV, I also lost chunks of cash for running. Trying to run away in itself is also a bad idea in some...
  9. arekpowalan

    Dungeons. What are your dungeons like and how do you handle them?

    I have revisited multiple JRPG and adventure games lately and tried to find some patterns. - The first few dungeons should not be too complex or too large. The player is only introduced to the game, and they need to have easy ways to navigate the place/getting used to the mechanic. The...
  10. arekpowalan

    How can I compare multiple variables at once?

    I've tried caethyril's solution and it works. I'm quite new to coding, so I may need to look more into it. Thank you very much.
  11. arekpowalan

    How can I compare multiple variables at once?

    First, let me elaborate. I am doing an event where when a specific dialogue appears based on the competition of multiple variables for the highest or a specific ranking. This is because my game is operated by a dating sim mechanic with an "affection point". For example, when cut scene plays to...
  12. arekpowalan

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    The first option is likely the case. I don't have much time to spend on a hobby, therefore I would like to make a rather swift project. The game is supposed to be extremely magical. The mermaid tribe will be able to move and fight temporary on the land, whereas the one warrior representing the...
  13. arekpowalan

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    I am making a coming-of-age story about a knight, but I have a problem finding a starting point. Please hear me out. Story: Arthur is a son of a blacksmith in a small village. He has a restless and prodigious younger brother named Lance, who serves as his rival, and he has a father who is a...
  14. arekpowalan

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    @SunStunBros If it's a starting village, it shouldn't be too large. Probably a single map the player can walk around and maybe one or two event-related maps. You can look at most of the 16 bit JRPGs to see examples of the starting villages. In addition, countryside village and city in don't...
  15. arekpowalan

    What do you feel about religious undertones in games?

    JRPG always has this undertone about god and predestined fate being bad things. The most common framework is the typical modern cultural hegemony things. The most cliche message is "Humans need to shape its own fate." The most preachy is probably the Final Fantasy and the Tales series, but are...
  16. arekpowalan

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    @Leon Kennedy Sounds interesting as a short story. Something like a VN or a cut scene game should work. As a story dealing with drug, the story should aim to invoke the player's interactions and choices that can make Molly's life worse or better. There are probably two ways to do this type of...
  17. arekpowalan

    Popular Anime You Don't Like?

    Sword Art Online, mainly because I can't stand the main character. In fact, I don't like many "I'm so dark I get all the girls" light novel protagonists. People like Kirito sound really smuggish and they act like they have world-ending issues even if they have powers surpassing a lot of other...
  18. arekpowalan

    What music gets you pumped while making games?

    RPG battle musics, especially those similar to the Lunar games. Aside from that, I listen to nothing, especially when I need to concentrate.
  19. arekpowalan

    Which website do you use to post pictures on forums?

    I used Photobucket and Imageshack for sharing my images in forums for many years, but recently they no longer allow a free account to post anything on the 3rd party sites like blogs and personal websites anymore. This is problematic as I am trying to get back into an RPG Maker community after...
  20. arekpowalan

    Is it truly nostalgia or do games really suck now?

    Most postmodern games are fine, really. It's the nostalgia titles that bug me. Many long running games are plagued with the developers abusing nostalgic contents (think Classic Sonic and Green Hill Zone in Sonic Force) that implies a blatant attempt at cash grab because they sorely rely on brand...

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