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  1. HollowMonty

    What does $date_items actually repersent?

    I've teaching myself ruby scripting since I happen to have RPG maker VX Ace. Learning how Ruby works is one thing, but learning how to manipulate in while in RPG maker is completely different. So many modulus, classes, inheriting classes, and methods that are all interconnected across it's...
  2. HollowMonty

    Substitue Attack script help

    Ok so I friend asked about an idea of theirs, and wither or not it was possible. I know that it is and had been working on it a bit, but I couldn't find any references about this particular thing anywhere I looked so I decided to make a thread here and see if anyone could help me. So he wants...
  3. HollowMonty

    Sinple Event Spawning?

    First I wanted to say that I've done a few searches and couldn't find quite what I was looking for so let me explain. I'm currently making a save system script that's based off my functional disposable item event Save System. Mine works off of two common events and a parallel running event on...

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