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  1. PoptartPresident

    How do I...utilize a spritesheet that goes "past" the 48 x 48 tile grid in regards to positioning?

    Context: I'm current updating my "finished" game with more reworked sprites so it looks nicer. One of my sprites involves scooping up water with a bucket. In this screenshot here, I have the 48 x 48 tiles references in those background squares. What I want to happen is that when the player...
  2. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I...keep Unknown Quests hidden from fail commands in Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin?

    So in my game, there's a 'cut-off point' where some sidequests are unable to be done anymore. Hence I want to set those sidequests to "Failed" if it's too late. However, when I use the command "Quest Set Failed x", after some conditional branch check, it makes quests that are unknown fail...
  3. PoptartPresident

    Can't Save and Options-exit-error for a game tester.

    I've never seen this before, and no other play testers have talked about his issue. (This is on a Mac version btw). This particular game tester encounters this error in the screenshot when they try to exit the Options Menu. On top of this, they also cannot Save at all. When they go to the save...
  4. PoptartPresident

    Parallax Mapping, or Unique 'Tile sheets' approach?

    Something I am taking great interest in is making all-customized graphics for my next game project. I was hoping to get some feedback/opinions given an example from one of my favorite RPG games: This is a map from The Witch's House. I really want to make my graphics look around this quality...
  5. PoptartPresident

    RMMV YEP_QuestJournal plugin help. Quests not showing up?

    Hey guys, I recently realized I should have a quest-log system in my game, so I decided to go with Yanfly's system. I'm not sure why my quests aren't showing up though. When I use the Plugin Command "Add Quest x", it appears the system acknowledges the addition, but the actual quest title and...
  6. PoptartPresident

    RMMV Anyone interested in helping find bugs/errors in my current build of the game?

    Synopsis: Watchful Valley is an open-world RPG puzzle-solving treasure-hunting adventure where you play as a Grim Reaper named Helm. You're on your daily duty to collect an assigned soul for Mother Nature to continue the cycle of life. However, this particular soul seems to come with a...
  7. PoptartPresident

    How do I....handle a game deployment properly?

    I think as of a few hours ago, my game is officially "complete". Now my only question do I make sure I condensed the files as much as possible? (To reduce storage). As of now, it's about 800 MB's worth of total data, (a little under), but I want to know if there are any "useless" files...
  8. PoptartPresident

    Where's a good place to post my game when I finish it?

    Context: This is my first game ever that I've spent about 1.5 years making on/off now. (The idea for the game came on a whim). As of yesterday, I finished the last few bits of my game, and now I'm just going over everything and doing touchups, etc. Shouldn't take long since I've been polishing a...
  9. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I...display the Player's HP bar at all times?

    I want to make it to where the player's HP bar is displayed without having to use the menu button. (They need to keep track of their HP as obstacles/status effects in the overworld will decrease it) (There's only 1 player) Are there plugins for this? Like some kind of Status Display?
  10. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make sure an file is included in the player's files when the game is finished?

    So... I have a system in my game where, if the player 100%'s everything (gets all sidequests done), at the very end of the game, they're given a password. This password is supposed to be used on an encrypted (aka, password-protected) zip file. I imagine this file will contain some rewards like...
  11. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I...edit the main menu layout?

    Hey guys, so I'm almost certain this might require a free plugin, which I'm fine with. But if there's a way to do this with scripting, I'd like to do it that way. So basically, I really don't like the current layout of my generic main menu...(when you "Pause"). It's so awkward seeing 3 empty...
  12. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I...implement my own "title cards" that load up before the game menu?

    So my first thought was that the generic "Made by MV" plugin logo get replaced by my own custom title card, which I was planning. My real concern is how do I do it "again"? Is there a way to have maybe like 2-3 title cards in a sequence? Also, can I get rid of that weird "ding" sound when the...
  13. PoptartPresident

    How do I....make a specific tile passable after a rock goes into a "hole"?

    It's so strange, I'm not sure why it's not working. I've done this exact scenario with a lot of other puzzles in my game, but this specific one doesn't seem to work no matter what I change the settings to. Here I have a puzzle where this rock event will be pushed into the "smoke" event you see...
  14. PoptartPresident

    How do the item menu directly during an event?

    I was wondering if maybe there's a script call, or some way to just automatically bring up the Items menu directly from interacting with an event. (By "items" menu, I mean the one that just says: Regular items, Key items, Weapons, and Armor tab) I tried using "Select Item" from the Messages on...
  15. PoptartPresident

    Which choice is "better"/more optimized?

    So in my game, I currently have a save system where there's save pillars across the maps, and you use these save pillars to save, or teleport to another save pillar you've already visited. Though recently, after finally reaching the point of wanting to clean up, fix bugs, etc...I was thinking...
  16. PoptartPresident

    Thank you all : )

    I just wanted to tell y'all thanks so much for all the content and community you've built here. I started RPG Maker MV knowing literally nothing about it last year around May, and but as of now, my 1st game ever just finished on it's 250th map. All that's left now is to clean up, add some...
  17. PoptartPresident

    How do I...construct a "reset all" event for multiple maps?

    Context: There's puzzle involving pushing a ball around on 3 floors. It starts on the 3rd floor, and you can push it into a hole that takes it to the 2nd floor. Then on the 2nd floor, you can also push it into a hole that takes it to the 1st floor. And then you can finally push it into a hole...
  18. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make sure a file is included in the game after it's deployed?

    Hey guys! So I recently created some stuff that I put inside a folder that I want players to have access to when the game is actually deployed. Is there a way to make sure files are included/excluded in the game when the player actually has It?
  19. PoptartPresident

    How do I...give players a file once they complete a game?

    I want to make it to where, when the player 100%'s the game, the player will receive a new file in their game folder that contains a background photo (.png), and a thank you message (.txt). How do I go about making that happen? Surely it involve scripting? I'm open to plugins as well.
  20. PoptartPresident

    What's a good way to back up your game project?

    Hey everyone! I've been making extensive progress on my RPG Maker MV Game, but recently I started thinking about what would happen if something bad happened to my computer...does anyone have any recommendations as to how to back up your project the best way possible? I was thinking about...

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