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  1. AtomosomotA

    Has the player Saved their progress?

    Question: What is the simplest way to make the game check if the player has saved their game or not? Answer: UPLOADED FINISHED EVENT (!!SOLVED!!) Original Post:  
  2. AtomosomotA

    undefined method >='for nil:NilClass

    I'm getting a crash in my game as soon as the command window comes up. I'm using Moghunters Battle HUD Ex "Wildflower" version, and just recently have been experiencing crashes associated with it when I have more than one actor in a party. The first fight after game start will not experience a...
  3. AtomosomotA

    Recolor Request for Main Character uniformity

    Hoping someone else will come along and be willing to help me, as I'm not very good with digital art myself. Thanks to the help of Slimmmeiske2, theadellie and now Cronus!   I'm down to TWO images I need recolored, (down from 10), A facesheet of my main character as a child, and a spritesheet...
  4. AtomosomotA

    Looking for a better airship

    Would love to find an airship resource drawn a bit more aerodynamic, maybe even a longer narrower version of the original would work. If someone would like to take a stab at making an airship spritesheet shaped something like the image I have attached to this post , I would greatly appreciate...

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