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  1. RMMV Writing to a Static File Location

    Hi Rexie, I haven't yet found a solution so I'm grateful for the reply. What you are describing sounds like it might be helpful, but the execution is a little over my head. I'm guessing darwin is the Mac OS version of win32, but how do I save this as a variable? Do you mean like an in-game...
  2. ozu_File – Create and manipulate files from within the game itself!

    Hi Ozubon, I like your plugin and I was wondering if you had an idea about using it to write to a fixed file location outside of the game folder? I would like for 2 different games to interface with each other, but I haven't been able to figure out how to change the write location to somewhere...
  3. RMMV Writing to a Static File Location

    The game that it needs to interface with creates the folder, but frankly the location is less important than it being a fixed location the other titles can point to when necessary.
  4. RMMV Writing to a Static File Location

    Hi! I need to write a text file to the player's "My Games" folder in documents (C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\GameFolder), and my knowledge on how to do this is very lacking. The purpose of this is to allow integration with other games in the franchise that check for save files and...
  5. OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Do you happen to have a version of the plugin on your end? I got the same error mentioned above, and when I opened up the plugin to see what was wrong, it's because the whole plugin is a weird html doc. [EDIT] Yeah, it seems like @Hudell 's plugin link on MakerDevs redirects to an html doc...
  6. Setting up STEAM Integration in RPG Maker MV (using updated NW.js, super high performance)!

    Hi everyone, I don't know if this thread is monitored at all, but I'm having trouble getting this set up correctly. When I open the console, I get "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' in reference to the OrangeGreenworks plugin. There's no indication that it's connected through steam in...
  7. Touch Input Problems

    Hi everyone, I have a conditional in my project while riding the airship which checks for the [OK] button being pressed. This is so when you land, a certain event takes place and the airship doesn't stick around on the map. That's all fine, but the trouble I've encountered is that you can...
  8. Screen Tearing

    I tried a "jitter fix" plugin which didn't seem to do anything, and I'm using Yanfly's Core Engine plugin which also apparently includes a "jitter fix," but I haven't found a plugin that can solve this problem, whatever it is. It's not an optimal workaround, but for now I'm just overlapping the...
  9. Screen Tearing

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help with a screen-tearing issue I've been experiencing for a while. There is a 1-pixel offset between the parallax and overlay image when sprinting vertically near the seam which doesn't occur while walking slowly. You can see an example of what I...

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