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  1. SimProse

    Weirdness with healing potions

    Hey all, I have a 'potion' in a game that heals the user between 10-15 HP. It works fine...until the player has no weapon equipped. At that point, instead of healing the player, it deals 1 damage to them instead. Very weird. Why would this happen? Here's how I have it set up:
  2. SimProse

    Monster Legacy 1 pack: Battlesheet?

    The battlesheets in Monster Legacy 1 seem to be set up very differently than the traditional MV sheets. They're 4 images each in 13 rows. How would I use these in MV (or can I use them)?
  3. SimProse

    Honor Cry: Aftermath

    A war that has lasted over 100 years is coming to an end. The blood, sacrifice and pain of any conflict between men bear many scars, and in the world of Honor Cry, loyalty and glory go hand in hand. In this game, you play Commander Jerus, a decorated veteran soldier who has been stranded in a...
  4. SimProse

    No Window skins on Main Menu/Options after MADO use

    I used the MADO window tool to add custom window skins to the game. I then disabled the SRD_MenuBackgrounds because it seemed to conflict with the plugin windows appearing. Now on the Main Menu and Options screens there are no window skins at all; just text and no window at all. How do I modify...
  5. SimProse

    Nightingale Downs -- now on Steam!

    Nightingale Downs 1.0 Engine: RPG Maker MV Price: $1.99 (20% off first week) Story: Animals have existed for centuries, eventually forming societies and organizing to protect each other. In Nightingale Downs, you become part of that world. You play a deer, tasked by your clan leader with a...
  6. SimProse

    Skill Description tooltip?

    Hey all, Just curious if there's a way to show the skill's description (the one entered in the text field for the skill) via a tooltip or whatever when mousing or moving over it, or displaying it at the top of the screen at least or at a fixed coordinate? I'm using MOGHunter's BattleHud if that...
  7. SimProse

    Damage reversed?

    I have an odd situation; i'm adapting an existing design into a new game, and modifying stuff as I go along. I set up my stats, class and combat system. I set my attack and def at 50, and I set up a monster with 30 attack and 30 def just to test. The monster and I share the same basic attack. No...
  8. SimProse

    Item Cancel skipping?

    Hey all, Just curious if there's an easy way to skip the part in the Item Scene where after you click an item it pops up a thing that asks you Use [item name] and Cancel underneath it and goes straight to Actor Select. Just to minimize the clicking in the menus for items. Using Yanfly's Item...
  9. SimProse

    Catacombs 1: Demon War on Steam!

    Greetings all, My latest project is on Steam Greenlight: If you like it, an upvote would be much appreciated! Details: Catacombs 1: Demon War is the first of a 3-chapter odyssey that puts you into the shoes of a brave young hero...
  10. SimProse

    Exit menu after running common event?

    Hey all, I'm trying to use a common event in the equip menu (when you heal), but it immediately exits the menu, which could be annoying if you want to use multiple potions. Is there a method or plugin that allows common events to run in the menu without exiting? Using MV (I know there's a plugin...
  11. SimProse

    Issue with sideview battles

    I'm wading into sideview battles for the first time and have things ALMOST setup. Using Yanfly's animated enemies plug in, all the action sequence stuff (all 3) and the Battle Core. It works, except for when they attack. The enemy ends up 3 inches ABOVE the hero's head when he attacks, and when...
  12. SimProse

    Side battle - which sheet to use?

    I'm wanting to implement basic side view battles with some animation with the Medieval Interiors pack -- premade characters. What's the easiest way to do so and which sheet or sheet should I use?
  13. SimProse

    Town Portal scroll?

    I was curious how putting in a town portal scroll type plugin or item would work in MV. I've seen threads about doing this in VX Ace, but not MV. Is there a plugin or way to do this?
  14. SimProse

    Moghunter Titles (commands)?

    I'm using Moghunter's Title Screen, which is working well....except for...where are the commands stored for each command on the title screen? The New Game function works, the Credits work, etc. but where is it pulling what to do for each command from? I want to add an Exit Game function, and...
  15. SimProse

    Cavern of Time [STEAM]

    Cavern of Time (version 1.2) $3.99 Developed by myself and published on Steam by Aldorlea Games Engine: RPG Maker MV The Cavern of Time is an RPG/Adventure game where you guide the journey of a young girl, treading into a world of dangerous creatures, mystical skills and long-buried secrets...
  16. SimProse

    Conditional branch on notetags?

    Hey all, Just curious: Can you do conditional branches on notetags? For example, I only want a certain set of notetags to process if you are NOT on map 1, 3 or 7. How would I do this, if possible?
  17. SimProse

    Create random treasure chests on maps?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there was a fairly easy way to randomly place 1-3 treasure chests on existing maps every game (they can be placed at the start of a game or when you enter a map, don't care how it's done), and have them stay on those spaces during that game if you leave and come...
  18. SimProse

    Enemy Prefixes

    I'd personally like to see a plugin with the ability to add prefixes to enemies that can affect stats or abilities. Maybe I could create a prefix with "Veteran" in front of the enemy name where it can randomly apply it to a selected enemy to increase their stats or add abilities. Or...
  19. SimProse

    Actor Battle Commands + Yanfly's Change Battle Equip?

    How do I add the Equip command using the Yanfly plugin ‘Change Battle Equip’ with the HIME plugin 'Actor Battle Commands'? This plugin prevents the command from appearing in the battle menu, and I want players to be able to change their equipment mid-battle. Anyone have any ideas how to get this...
  20. SimProse

    Use items to increase weapon stats?

    Hey all, Just curious if this is possible: Using an item (a consumable in this case) to increase the currently equipped weapon's attack and defense by 2? or an armor's stats for that matter? I've searched the forums and haven't found anything to do this. Thanks!

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