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  1. [MV]Error with Adding State via JS

    @Eliaquim It worked! Thank you so much.
  2. [MV]Error with Adding State via JS

    Hello, I've been having a strange error with the addState script call. Basically, addState doesn't work if I've previously added and removed the state (the console log test explains it best). The problem even persists into a new, blank project. I tested through events and the console. I also...
  3. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    That's exactly what I need, @ATT_Turan! Thanks!
  4. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    It's strange, but even with the edit I still couldn't get it to work.
  5. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks, @Arctica! I couldn't quite get it to work as a script call. It said should shouldDisplayLevelUp is not a function, but then I found the shouldDisplayLevelUp function in rpg_object.js and I figured it out from there. Thanks for the help!
  6. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is there a way to give an actor exp via javascript without the level up message? I know about $, but if the actor gains enough exp to level up I don't want the message window to pop up.
  7. Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Is there a way to escape from battle? Or a plugin command/script call to end the battle without it being a victory or defeat?
  8. Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    The weapon! Of course it was a simple (and obvious) solution.:kaosigh: Thanks! Edit: Are there any plans for a victory scene add on? Even a simple one to tell the player about enemy drops?
  9. Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Hi, Is it possible for different actors to have different basic attacks? Meaning, when I choose attack for my archer can the range for the skill be larger than choosing attack with my swordsman? I've installed Yanfly's Weapon Unleash which replaces the attack skill, as expected, but still draws...
  10. GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    Works perfectly! Thank you very much!
  11. GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins

    Hi, is there a way to have more than four actors in the Wolf Rpg menu. I actually need 15 actors in the menu, but if you could just tell me what I need to add/change for each additional actor, I could do it myself since I know 15 is a huge leap from just four. I tried to add in a 5th actor, but...

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